Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bunting & Old Granny





I couldn’t get the picture I wanted of this bunting I finished this morning.  You can click on that bottom picture and get a little bit better look, but it’s still not exactly what I wanted.  Oh well.  I put some effort into it anyway.

I used Alice’s Lacy Bunting pattern, which you can find a tutorial for HERE.  I like it.  I’m pretty sure these will end up being in my first RAK package.

Now…the Old Granny:



I’m pretty sure I never showed a picture of this Granny blanket here on my blog.  I’ve been using it as a tablecloth for my craft table ever since I made it several years ago.  You can see it was made before I was into making extra-special borders.  I think I’m going to add one after I give it a good wash and air dry today.


There’s nothing wrong with a “Plain-Jane” border, but I think I’ll fancy it up a bit with a few more rounds of something.


I found another beautiful blog this morning while hopping around blogland.  Go see it HERE (but be sure to leave me some love and a comment before you leave!).  The little snippets you see of her home in photos are gorgeous.  It’s so pretty and clean and fresh-looking.  Love it.

As Ever,

Pammy Sue


  1. Are we getting International now I love the blog if my Mom was alive she could translate as she was Norweign and lived there when she was 12 took her younger brother who was three and sister who was even younger by boat and herself to get there during the depression. The other day was the first time I used my German and I was surprised I could read it still. I lived in Germany for eight years on and off and learned German in school was required I can appreciate it more now. I love your afghan it really is pretty you have so many pretty crochet things around. It is so neat to see other blogs too it is fun. I love coming here to see what is new and love it. Take care my friend have a great weekend.

  2. I love the granny blanket. So nice! I like the border you have on it right now too. :-)

  3. Just leaving you a little love <3

  4. Howdy!!!
    I just finished a granny bunting. I really like making them. They sure can spruce up the place with color.

    The Granny blanket is positivly crafty good. Anything Granny Rules.

    Have a Great Day,

  5. Of course, I'm sending you some loven' before take a journey across the pond. Wow, isn't amazing what we find when we clean our crafting areas. Glad this one has had a good cleaning and smells line dried summer sun fresh. Off to journey across the pond.

  6. I am liking the border that is already on your granny.. I think it goes very well...

    I am never quite sure where to hang a bunting in my house??

  7. Cool bunting, and I do like the granny blanket as well. I'm going through a granny phase right now, making even another granny blanket to throw over my patio table. Have a great day!

  8. That is a pretty blog. Too bad I don't understand the language. I love all that red & white!

  9. I like your granny blanket and I agree with some of the others, it's perfect as is! Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend. :-)

  10. Yay! Another bunting. I love the other one so much that I have to make another like this. I think red, white, and blue for the all American holidays. :-)

  11. Love the old granny just like it is! xoxoxo


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