Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birds & THE Trial


This is a hanging fake plant on my back porch.  We’ve discovered pair of gray doves nesting inside there this year.  One of them is constantly in there sitting on the eggs.  I haven’t gotten a good look at the eggs yet since one of the doves is always sitting on them.  I tried to get some pictures of the dove this morning…


This was the best I could do.  Can you see the dove?  I’m going to try and rig up a ladder near there to see if I can get some better pictures.  (OMG, Pammy Sue is getting out the ladder!  Call the EMS NOW!  Ha-ha.)  I will be careful and try not to break a hip.  I’m also being careful not to get too close and upset them.  I’d hate it if I caused them to abandoned their next and eggs.  That picture was taken with a zoom lens and so will the rest.  Wish me luck.  I hope to get some good pictures, especially when the babies hatch.  Won’t that be fun?

There are also a pair of Cardinals nesting in one of the shrubs in the backyard.  We can see them coming and going constantly.  It’s impossible to see anything going on inside there, and I don’t want to stick my head in there and disturb them.  But…


The Captain put up this birdfeeder a couple of days ago.  I’ve seen the Cardinals in the grass and up on the porch since then.  I’ve tried to get a good picture of them with no success yet.  But I will!


Are y’all watching the Casey Anthony Trial on HLN?  I’ve been watching it since it started.  I can’t stop watching.  A lot of it is boring and slow, but the good parts are worth the wait to me.  I have the trial coverage on all day, and then they go into FOUR HOURS of shows that recap it and talk to “experts,” etc.  Let’s see, there’s Jane Valez-Mitchell’s show, then Nancy Grace, then Dr. Drew, and then Joy Behar’s show.  I’ve had way too much by that point (10PM), but I can’t stop watching.

Sex, Lies, Affairs, Dysfunction, Incest,

Murder, Drugs, Denial, Lies,

Human Decomposition, Skeletons,

Mental Illness, Lies,

And did I mention LIES?

Love it.


  1. Nothing like a good train wreck on the tube to keep us entertained! By the way great blog. Keep the crochet coming! Also that dove is too cute in your planter. What a nice surprise.

  2. How cool that you have mourning doves and cardinals nesting around your house!! And yes I could see the dove's eye...A little scary!! LOL...I haven't been watching the trial. I didn't even know it was on. I used to watch 'Court T.V.' all the time when it was named that. Since they changed, and the schedule changed, I haven't watched it once!

  3. Hey, I like those ascots; just enough to keep warm but not get in your way. Pretty butterfly bird feeders and you're so lucky to have birdies nesting in your yard. Can't wait to see what pix you come up with of the babies. The trial? Some people just shouldn't be allowed to procreate. I figured the mom (drug addict) did it when she first went missing. That's my verdict.

    I just thought of something...Dr. Liz's advice: Maybe your ears are protesting listening to such garbage all day...just sayin'. Rx: Vit A and C fight infection. Take more. Be well. PS The corn had cream, butter and salt! Love you, A

  4. I love the sound of doves. And Cardinals! We don't have them up here in Oregon.. but we do have doves. I love those red birds! Be careful on that ladder!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. A woman I know had doves who nested in a hanging basket on her deck. They'd come back again and again and eventually she could touch/lightly stroke one.

    I had some wrens once. Boy are they LOUD! And they start the minute it's daylight.

  6. Yes, I have been watching. Not as much as you but quite a bit. My prediction is: Guilty and death but on appeal there will be a retrial (probably for incompetent counsel) and then another guilty verdict and the death penalty will be upheld. She will sit on death row until she dies of natural causes and there will be 132 movies made about it speculating what really happened -- because we will never know.

  7. What lovely birdfeeders! You're so lucky to have birds nesting around your house! Enjoy them while you can.

    Hugs XX

  8. How cool that you have Cardinals in your yard! I've never seen a Cardinal out here...EVER! Doves are pretty easy going so you should be able to get close without freaking them out too much. That looks like a "morning" or "mourning" dove you have there. The babies grow up fast! That pair will probably always come back to that spot to nest each year. They also may have more than one more than one nest of babies each year.

    I've been keeping up with that trial via The Joy Behar show every night. I find it too boring to just watch the trial on tv.

    I posted on my blog yesterday.

  9. Don't you dare. You know the rule about ladders, right... no more than two steps without someone there. Don't go and make me order you a LIFE-ALERT, to call for help. Bet, you've seen that commerical a few times watching the trail. So, you haven't given us you Detective Clu-so take on all
    the evidence. Give it to us straight, Sherlock.

    Ok, I think I've been out in the sun too, long. And remind me why I iron my pillow cases again.

    Italian Sausage and Peppers and Onion in the crocker for dinner tonight. Good Old Chicago Style dining here.

  10. Yes we can just see her :-)

  11. Oh, how much fun to watch the eggs hatch and yes, be careful!!! Your ascot from previous post ... love it!

  12. oh Pammy such a lovely dove... we have a pair that always nests in the rose arbor, and another pair that prefer the gooseberry bushes...

    On the trial! I think Casey learned how to lie from her parents, I actually don't believe any of them...the worst are the lawyers... I HATE lawyers, I think one should be able to sue lawyers for malpractice, and destroy them like they did to the doctors.... leeches all of them, pure Evil leeches..... Wow I feel much better getting that off my chest. Ha! Trial over-load !!!

  13. That's great about the doves and cardinals. Good luck getting photos...careful with the ladder!
    Hard for me to watch the trial, just makes me sad. Keep on pumping out all that great crochet :-)

  14. Anonymous11:45 AM

    all I have to say is NO fake flowers. LOL BP

  15. I know so many people that are watching that trial. Two friends of mine in FL are glued to the tube like you are. I probably would be too if I was home during the day. :o) I'm trying to catch up on blogs.......I have been so busy at work. Is your shop doing anything??? Got my fingers crossed for ya. And the grand baby is a girl!!! Yippee for you..you can spoil her rotten. lol xoxoxo


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