Friday, May 06, 2011

Two-Fer Friday

Here I am again!



Here it is.  Ain’t it grand?

It’s called Tried to Look Pretty Potholder.

Free Pattern HERE.

(Last 2 Pages are in English)

This is not an easy pattern to read and can be confusing.  I’d be happy to answer any questions.  It’s not hard at all.  It’s just written weird, probably because of the translation from whatever language the original is in.  I eventually figured it out.  It helps to have a picture of a completed one in front of you to look at.  There are lots on Ravelry or Flickr.

I had to modify the back because I used worsted weight yarn and a G hook so i didn’t need as many rows.  I also left off the last row of the edging.  I liked it better without it.  This one needs to be blocked for sure.  It looks so much better afterwards.

Ciao, Girlies


  1. Very perdy (as they say). ;o) I'll definitely go snag that pattern. Thanks for the link!

  2. this potholder is so pretty and worth the effort...very nice!

  3. Love it! But if the pattern is hard to read, that is a no can do for me!!!

  4. Wow gorgeous! I am definately going to copy this one! I posted twice today also!

  5. I like this one too.. Very pretty!

  6. You are getting pretty fancy here, missy... Love the color combo. Hey, did you see thay have new cotton yarn at knitpicks....oooops, I forgot you just got a box from them today.

  7. That is really pretty! I got an email from KnitPicks about their new "Washie" cotton - and want to order some, but I have soooo much... but maybe.. :-)

    Teresa :-)

  8. Hola. Es muy bonito y gracias por visitar mi blog.
    Un saludo.

  9. Oh! How pretty is that!? One of these days I'm going to have enough TIME to try one of these! Love reading your blog!


    JMS @ Random Ramblings


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