Monday, May 16, 2011


Me again.  I had to make another entry today because I’m feeling chatty.  I just had more things to say.  Some days are like that, and others I just sit here picking my nose.  (Not really…you know what I mean.)

I laughed out loud at my own stupidity when I got my tag order in the mail…


Bwa-ha-ha!  They are HUGE!

I swear, I need to pay more attention.  Like I’m going to sew these giant tags into my crochet things!  I’m so sure!  It would be kind of funny though.  I thought I was ordering something that was small, like maybe an inch wide and 1/2 inch high.


Um, not quite, Pammy Sue!

Try again.


These might work if I was making king-size mattresses.  Hee-hee-hee.  I laugh every time I look at them.  Even with trimming just my name off, they’d still be too big.  Oh well.

Have a look at the lovely cantaloupe I cut open yesterday morning.  It’s really good.  It had been sitting on my counter for several days.  I was waiting for it to start smelling so I would know it was ripe, but it never did.  I finally cut  it open to see what the deal was, and it’s perfect!  It’s just a smell-free cantaloupe I guess.  Weird.


* YUM*



I am dying to make this little dress in exactly those same colors!  I love it.  I got the picture from MagiadoCrochet.  There are no instructions.  Well, there are semi-instructions, but they are in another language which just doesn’t translate well.  I’m sure I could figure something out that is similar and in a smaller size.  I’m wondering about that transition from shells to ripples on the skirt though.  Hmm.  I’ll have to study it.  Does anyone happen to have something similar?  I know I can do the top part on my own, but I may need a little help with starting the ripple part.


I can hardly stand it.  I think I’m going to go make the top part right now and see how it goes.

I have a Crustless Custard Pie in the oven right now.  I haven’t made one of those since last summer.  I love having it for breakfast.  Gotta go check it.  Bye.


  1. Just in from a potting break to grab a drink. Perfect weather here, so I'm going back out.

    But, had to pop by quickly. Those gloves are so fun and the buttons make them...he-he... Now, about those tags....giggling....we will find something to do with them I'm sure, let me put on my thinking caps.

    Have you ever squeezed a lime on your catolope, too die for delish.

    That dress is a must make if I have ever seen one. Can't wait to see you yarn/color picks.

    Custard Pie, do tell....

  2. Hmm looks interesting Pammy- the dress I mean. If I figure out something I'll let you know. The top is the standard to a diaper shirt with the skirt attached... will look at it and see if I have time to devise a pattern.


  3. That dress is adorable! Hey made your coffee cake not too long ago. Its my favorite!

  4. Well jeesh PS - 20 comments - Now I feel lonely. I'm lucky to get three or four! OK the tags...LOL! Hilarious. It's like something I would do. I don't know maybe you could make a quilt out of them or something! I thought of you today, btw, when I went shopping for some new sunglasses. I'm gonna post my pic on my sidebar like you, with my hawt new sunglasses and hawt new purse! Shhhh, don't tell RJ or the Scribe. Guess I'm feeling kind of chatty myself. The dress is cute...I want to make an afghan out of those colors. The Great Dane - shoulda got him. Why not? What's one more!

    Cindy Bee

  5. I've done a couple of patterns written in Spanish.

    I take the pattern and use Google Translate. Then, I magnify the pattern and make sure the way I am translating the pattern is how it should look. There ae sure some funny sentences when translating crochet from one language to another a;0}

  6. Love the dress it is so cute. Crustless custard pie sounds yummy.

  7. Haha, maybe you can use them as napkins.
    Lovely dress

  8. I had to read all the way back to this post to get all caught up. I love that dress! It looks big though....maybe for a 2 year-old. It's probably just the photo that makes it seem that way. Anyway, I really like it a lot!
    Those tags cracked me up. I've done stuff like that a few times and have said the same thing to myself..."I have got to start paying attention to measurements!"
    Maybe you can find something you can use them for one of these days.


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