Thursday, May 05, 2011

Potholder Mania

So yesterday I sat for at least two hours looking at THESE potholders on Flickr.  I got so inspired I HAD to make some.  These are the ones I’ve made so far:
I didn’t use a pattern for this one.  I just looked at one that I found in that Flickr group and made it up as I went.  It’s not exactly like the one I saw, but it’s close.  I think the main difference is I made my stitches in the spaces of the previous rows rather than in the stitches themselves.  This one is my personal favorite so far.  I used a G hook, and all the yarn is H.L. ILTY except the taupe which is H.L. ILTC.  I did a 5 dc shell border.

This is the other one I made.  I used THIS PATTERN and did a simple sc border.  Obviously I did not use thread so I made less rows than called for.  I used Hobby Lobby ILTY and a G hook on this one.

Both of these potholders are double thickness, and I made the backs slightly different.  Here are the backs of both:
They are both so thick and plush!  I love them.  I will only be using them for decorations.  That’s why I went ahead and used the acrylic yarn.  Otherwise, I would have used all cotton.  I have two or three more potholders I found through the Swap site that I want to make.  I’m off to start another one!

Oh, AND…
I needed refreshments to keep up my stamina!  YUM!


 They are “80% sure” my grandbaby is a girl!!  We will have to wait another 8 weeks to find out for sure.  DANG IT!  I don’t know if I can stand it. 


  1. Love the hotpads! I made a double sided one with natural unbleached cotton with turkey red stripes and border, love it, it's so old fashioned!!

    *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on the granddaughter! I have two GDs that my daughter is moving 3000 miles away from me and my heart is broken. :-( Hope your baby is never taken away from you. Hugs, Teresa

  2. Oh I love both your potholders, they both are so beautiful! Thanks for the link! You are so talented!
    Congrats on your grandbaby! Hope everything is as great as your wish! :)
    Take care and have a lovely weekend!
    LS, x

  3. Hey Pammy! Love your potholders!.. The ice cream looks good too. In fact, that IS what I'VE been snacking on for the last couple of nights here, leftover from Dear Daughter's recent birthday celebration... I FINALLY got started on my Grandmother's Garden pillow.. 'Bout time, huh?! For the longest time, I couldn't make up my mind for sure on the colors I wanted to use, and then I got sidetracked with scrapbooking, but I made the first square tonight, while watching American Idol, and I think I'm gonna like it! We'll see what I can get done over the weekend! ~teener

  4. Awww...a little girl!!! The potholders are so cute. Love the aqua and red one!!!

  5. I love both potholders! And the ice cream. I'm having a time keeping my willpower up from buying ice cream to eat for supper. It's very hard.

    I was skyping last night with my daughter and the grand babies...2 girls. It's hard not to laugh when one is bad and is getting disciplined. I have to either get up or turn my face so that she doesn't see granny laughing. lol. The 3 year old is a terror sometimes, while the 7 year old is so 'worldly and trying to be so grown up'. I love them both dearly. Bella, the 3 year old, bit off the ears, nose and tail of a bunny that Kylie got for Easter and Kylie was highly upset about it, in tears. Jen was disciplining Bella and she had this look on her face that just cracked me up. I had to get up. She is the comedian in the family and has many faces, even when getting disciplined.

    You are going to so enjoy being a granny. I know I do.

  6. Those potholders are lovely - I like making potholders or anything that doesn't take too long to make.

    That's great, so your grand daughter will be able to wear those lovely outfits you crocheted for her. How exciting!

  7. Aww a little girl! yea! Potholders are so cute!

  8. love the potholders! Congrats on the little girl!!

  9. I'm with ya on the waiting aspect! Time will pass soon tho- esp. when ya keep busy making your cute potholders.

  10. Ha ha! I know....November can't get here fast enough, huh? Those potholders are neat. I think it's a good idea to display them on a wall. I have a bunch on my kitchen wall. I was thinking of buying a bunch of the red and white ones that are made to look like clothing...little dresses or aprons or whatever. I thought that would look cute on a wall in the laundryroom!
    You're not actually drinking margaritas are you?

  11. Very nice potholders! Cool that you created them from a pic on flickr.


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