Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Morning Has Broken

And it’s daytime too.  Ha-ha-ha.

That’s really the name of the pattern I used for this Shawl:

Morning Has Broken


I’m disappointed with the way the yarn looks in these pictures.  It’s pouring down rain outside and really dark, so I had to take these pictures in the house.  The yarn color is so much prettier than these pictures show.



I’m also not real thrilled with the yarn I ended up using for the edging.  It really does absolutely nothing for it.  Maybe I’ll yank the edging out and redo it later.  I just couldn’t find anything in my stash that worked well.

  Here’s all the info:


Free Pattern pdf:  Morning Has Broken

Yarn:  (2 skeins) Knit Picks Chroma, Worsted, Colorway: U-Pick

Edging Yarn:  Simply Soft in Antique Rose

Hook:  Size H

I didn’t use the edging in the pattern.  I used someone else’s edging pattern that was given on Ravelry.  I’d give you the link to it, but Ravelry is not working for me at the moment.  My computer is slow as molasses on a really cold day since I downloaded a Microsoft Update this morning, DAMMIT!  I hate that.



I picked these roses this morning before it started raining.  I thought I’d show them off to you while showing you how much yarn was left out of the 2 skeins I used for that shawl…not much.


And since I’m super-cool and such a giver, I’m going to give you a recipe link too…


Make-Ahead Muffin Melts

These are English Muffins topped with an egg, bacon, cheese, mayo, and Dijon mixture, and then slightly browned under the broiler.  We both liked them.  I really like that you can make a big bowl of this ahead of time and stick it in the fridge for whenever you’re ready. 

The Captain would like you to add more bacon and more cheese please.  Well, duh.  I think I could do without the Dijon mustard, but that would ruin the whole “tastes like a deviled egg” concept by the recipe’s author.  You do whatever you want.  Here’s the recipe link:  Make-Ahead Muffin Melts.

See Ya Tomorrow.

Great Big Hugs All Around,

Pammy Sue


  1. Those Muffin Melts look very tasty :-)

  2. Nice work on the shawl and just looking at those muffins is making me hungry

  3. The muffins made me hungry so I am gonna go fix dinner while listening to Cat Stevens... Morning Has Broken, like the first morning... Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird...

  4. Your shawl is gorgeous! I'm guessing that's the Knit Picks yarn? I really need to try it. The colorway is really pretty. Have a great week Pammy Sue. :-)

  5. Hi PS.. I love that shawl, you're so fast!! You and Kate! The muffins look yummers too. You're lucky to have roses already - ours are just new growth, not a sign of a bud yet. Our youngest son's wife dug up their roses (she doesn't like roses!!) and he planted them here, they were beautiful big hearty roses - all with lovely scents. 4 look good, 1 has one measly shoot and one looks dead. Can't wait to see what they are.


  6. Oops...knit picks...not pick wicks!!

  7. Well if the photo is not doing the yarn justice, I can only imagine how pretty it must be in person...I love it! And thank you for the recipe. My hubby will love this!!
    You happy with PickWicks? My yarn shop is closing....Boo hiss.

  8. I love varigated yarn/wool, it is always surprising how the item turns out..
    Well done :))
    Now the muffins look so tastey, an extra item for shopping list .. Cheers!

  9. I know how you feel about what these pictures show doesn't look as beautiful as the yarn is. Sometimes I'm disappointed with my pictures too. But I know your shawl is gorgeous! Your muffins look yummy and the roses are so lovely!!!
    Bug hugs back to you! Hope you have a great day! x

  10. Your shawl is lovely! I now have that song twirling through my head ... morning has broken like the first dawning (is that right?) ... I can't even remember all the words right now ... best wishes, Tammy

  11. Nice shawl PS. I can't believe how fast your crochet.

    Cindy Bee

  12. Love the shawl and plan on making that recipe this weekend! You make a lot of shawls Do you wear all of them? The colors are amazing!

  13. I'm hungry now looking at those muffins! Morning Has Broken is just beautiful and I love the different rose colored shades.


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