Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Major Bummer w/Update

We have a water leak under the foundation of the house by the water heater.  Plumber is here now.  It will cost approximately $3,000 to fix.  Will most likely break-up my ceramic tile floor to dig under the foundation AND/OR dig the yard up.

*Update on cost to fix:  $3500.00
*Our home insurance?  State Farm.  Amount they will pay:  ZERO!  Assholes.

My main computer (work computer) is at the shop getting a new part.  Don't know the cost of that yet.  Should get it back today.  No pictures here until that happens.

I want to go to bed.

On the other hand, there are thousands of people affected much worse than that by the tornadoes lately.  Does that mean I should be grateful that it's a relatively small thing compared to that?  I guess that's one way to look at it, but it's not helping me at the moment.

I may be away for a few days while I deal with life and work.  We'll see.  But if I'm MIA, that's what I'm doing.

P.S.  While I'm being depressed...I'm also FAT!


  1. Geez.. ugh on the water leak. But it is good to console yourself by being glad you're not one of those that had your entire house leveled by a tornado. When I was 6 weeks old our house was leveled by a tornado while we were in it, my Dad barely saved my life by shielding me in his arms. And I bet you're skinny compared to me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh Pammy Sue....When it rains it pours, but your right ...It is fixable and do-able (the water)
    Dont be sad ...

  3. You take care kiddo. We will all be here when things settle back down for ya. I know about throwing money away like that. I.E. Scooters Flordia Deal. No StateFarm for us. That was one of the accounts I implemented back in my travel days. Still cringe when I drive by one of their offices. Hang in there. Always available for a vent via email.

    You know Who

  4. Uggh, unexpected house stuff like that bums me out too. Try not to let it get to you for too long...it will get done and you'll get back to blogging when you're up to it. We'll be here :-)

  5. Sorry to hear about your leak and the computer. I can certainly relate to the water leak since we had a major one where they had to rip out our ceilings and take apart part of our kitchen. Hang in there!

  6. I'm sorry to hear that, but looking at the big picture, it is better than having a tornado destroy your entire house and/or injure family members (or worse!) but while you are trying to digest your big setback, you did make me chuckle at the very end when you threw in "I'm also fat" because that is just plain silly!

    I'm sure it will all work out - in time! Rest up!

  7. Oh Pam, what a drag. The people that make $ off of houses call them investments but they are nuthin' but a roof over your head really. A money pit for sure. Remember that movie? One of my favs, "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long. My house is like that movie and the house sorta looks like mine and is indeed a money pit, too. I feel for ya.

    In regards to your "No Shame" post, if I showed my blog visitors the eyesore that is my home with all the renovation and crap going on everywhere, people would be scared off and never come visit me again! Hee, hee. I can't wait to move for so many reasons but I will miss the incredibly large rooms and closet space. Up to now, my bedroom has been the only room with a modicum of organization and the painters are coming tomorrow to paint my room and so I want to scream right now because I don't want all the mess to deal with tonight (packing and moving the whole closet full of stuff) and the next few days of after painting hell. Cheer up my friend, it could be sooo much worse for both of us. Hugs, Annieliz

  8. Oh no!!! We have had more issues like that than I can shake a fist at. It is NOT fun. I am so sorry you are having to deal with that stuff.
    Hope things look up soon!!

  9. oh Pammy~ major bummer indeed.
    Chin up...things will get better :)


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