Monday, May 16, 2011

Fingerless Gloves

Romantic Fingerless Gloves

“Romantic Fingerless Gloves”

by Kalurah

I’ve had this glove pattern for a while now but never used it.  I really enjoyed making these while watching the race this afternoon.  It took me about 4 hours of leisurely crocheting with breaks and stuff.  Easy.  I love the two buttons I found in my button jar that Kate gave me for my birthday last year.  I’ve had more fun looking and digging through those buttons.  Who knew buttons were so much fun?

The pattern is on Ravelry for purchase HERE.  I used (you guessed it)…H.L. I Love This Yarn in Warm Brown and a size J hook.  I would have modeled them for the picture, but my nails look like crap right now.  Time for a mani/pedi very soon.  The Captain said I looked very “hip” wearing them.  Ha-ha.  Do people use that term anymore?

Okay, okay, you have not left me after all.  I was just being needy.  Thank you all for being there, commenting or not.  I miss you when you’re quiet and start getting worried that I’ve said something horrible to run you off…or it’s a conspiracy and someone has stolen all my friends.  Ahh…my friend Paranoia is always there to keep me company.  Heh-heh.

And just so you know…I am always there reading you guys also.  Okay, sometimes I skim, but don’t tell anybody.  I don’t always comment when I know I should either.  I tend to clam up a little when it comes to that.  Isn’t that silly?  I can’t help it.  I’m a social retard. (You’d never know it by reading here, but it’s true.)  But I try because I know it does mean a lot, even if it’s just a couple of words.

To answer the question several of you have asked…

No, I did NOT get a dog, but we did go to Trade Days on Saturday.  I played with the cutest and BIGGEST 7-week-old Great Dane puppy.  I could not get over how big his feet were.  They were my favorite color for Great Danes, Harlequin, which is just a fancy word for black and white splotches.  This is what they look like full-grown:


And for your information, I didn’t ask to take home any of the puppies we saw…not one.  And they even had Boston Terriers and Pugs.  I must be growing up…not a chance!


Groovy gloves, man.


Much Love,

Peace Out


  1. Love the gloves. I am a fan of fingerless gloves and those are very classy looking :)

  2. Hey! You can wear those new gloves while crocheting! I love the buttons you used and the color of the gloves is fabulous!

    Great Danes are neat dogs but seem to have a short life. They often have hip problems a few years down the road and end up having to be "put down". Terrible! That is my favorite color combo on a Dane too! When Chips was a puppy, we went to puppy class and her best friend was a Gr. Dane puppy in the "blue merle" coloration. Very interesting. Chips had so much fun with that puppy. I can't remember its name though.

    That transcription job didn't pan out after all. I never heard from the woman after I sent her the info on how to transfer the digital audio from her recorder to her computer. Oh well.... I learned something though!

  3. Hi Pammy, luv the peace sign and the "Peace Out" hee, hee. Lord knows, I should take heed to it! Just been nose to the grindstone is all. Your baby clothes are adorable that you've been making. Your new gloves are cute. Probably just what I need on a cold night crocheting. Summer would be the perfect time to make 'em so they'd be all ready for fall's crisp nights. Since it takes me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish I should start now! Hope you have a great week.


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