Monday, May 23, 2011

Dish Mat Pattern

Dish Mat


I’ve made many of these dish mats over the years.  I use one every day on my counter.  They get so much use that I need to make new ones every so often.  I don’t think I’ve made a new one in at least a year or more.  The top photo shows the true colors I used, and the bottom photo lets you see the texture of the stitches.  This is one of my favorite stitches, and a solid color looks really nice or you can change colors as desired.  Throw it in the washing machine now and then to freshen it up.  If using acrylic, you can dry it for just a few minutes in the dryer and lay it flat to dry completely.

Crocheted Dish Mat

Yarn:  I have always used 100% acrylic yarn, but you can use cotton or whatever you want. I like acrylic because it dries fast and so far hasn’t molded or started smelling like cotton does.

Hook:  K

The below starting chain makes a dish mat that is approximately 26 inches long.  If you want a longer mat, just chain any odd number of stitches.

Ch 83

Row 1:  Sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across to end.  Ch 3; turn.

Row 2:  Sc in next st (not the same st as ch 3), (dc in next st, sc in next st) across, ending with sc in last st.  Ch 3; turn.

Row 3:  Sc in first dc from previous row, (dc in next sc, sc in next dc) across.  Ch 3; turn.

Repeat Row 3 until the mat is as wide as you want it.

Last Row:  Sc in each stitch across.

Edge as desired or leave it as is.  (I just did sc all around in the one pictured above.)


These make a great little gift.  You could add a couple of dish cloths or scrubbies or dish towels for a nice little package.

Pattern published on Ravelry.