Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dead and Dead

Bin Laden is dead and so is my camera.  LOL.

DAMMIT!  I guess I'll go get a new one this afternoon.  I simply cannot blog without pictures.  I'm big on visuals.

I stayed up until 2AM last night crocheting on another little "outfit."  I was up that late because I took two naps yesterday.  The last one was from 6:00 to 8PM, after which I had two big glasses of iced coffee.  What a dummy!  So I stayed up watching Tivo'd ghost stories and crocheting.  What could be more fun?  Nothing!

Did y’all get your Crochet World magazine yet this month?  There’s a really pretty doily in there.  The whole magazine has a nautical theme.  I love the Sand Dollars Runner, the Ocean Waves runner, and the Follow the Stars Home doily.  The blue and pinks are so pretty together in that doily.

Gotta go if I’m going to get that camera, get groceries, and finish my work today!  Bye.


  1. Oh boy, can't wait to see what kind of camera you get! I have a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS 12X Optical Zoom. But I'm jealous of the macro shots other bloggers are getting.. so looking about.. but they're SO expensive!!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  2. SweetHeart.... a new camera is a must. No new yarn until... The G.B. has spoken. I have not gotten my mag yet, but those pattern just sound cool. Can any be made into a blanket, just wondering.

    Now about those naps.....I won't get started.

    Any who, I didn't make it to the Garden Center, just to get some groceries. Just as I got all inside, the clouds rolled in and the temp dropped back into the 40s.
    I should have stayed in FL for the whole month.

    Will check in later, time to put the food away.

  3. Hope your new camera is easy to use. It's weird reading your blog with no pictures.

  4. PS - I'm with you....gotta have a camera. Although I am looking at a cell phone that has a camera on it that apparently does a pretty good job. Who knows. Have fun shopping.

    Cindy Bee


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