Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crochet, Blah, Blah…


Little Crochet

by Linda Permann

I haven’t felt like working on long-term projects lately.  I think you can tell.  These baby projects are perfect for me right now.  They’re rather addicting because they don’t take but a couple of days at most, and they all turn out so cute.  I may have to get serious about opening that shop.  I’ve about made a closet-full already.

There are lots of cute things to make in this book, and I really like Linda Permann’s patterns.  Here’s the beginnings of my first project out of it:


I’ll likely finish this tonight.  I’m already a couple of rows into the shells that make up the bottom part.  I’m doing that part in the solid teal yarn you see in the picture above.  It looks so good with that Snowflake yarn I used for the yoke.  Have I mentioned how much I love the Snowflake yarn?  I love it.  It’s a little easy to get snagged in your hook, but all the good things about it outweigh that little caveat.  I like that it’s a little bit stretchy, and the color choices are amazing.

For those who keep asking…no, I don’t know that the grandbaby will be a girl yet for sure.  Unfortunately, I won’t be blogging a whole lot about it anymore.  Why?  Don’t ask.


  1. Oh Pammy Sue! I must get that book! I love that sweater pattern. I dont think I saw that book at Joanns! Adorable. I have yet to try snowflake. Great job my friend. I also like to do small projects between big ones, I think it cleans the palate.

  2. Hugssssss... I can so relate to your "Don't ask." statement. Some of the young parents in my family have issued "no putting my kids on the internet" statements. ::sigh:: Love ya, Teresa

  3. Ohhhh...i hope its a girl ...

  4. You are just whipping these out. I need to get my hook back in hand. That book looks great.

  5. rraawwwrrr so mean, "oh listen to me, won't be blogging about it anymore, don't ask" raawwrr rawwrrr


    I think what you guys do with the crocheting is very artistic. I wouldnt know where to turn, how big to make it, what pattern to follow or anything.

    : )

  6. Mr Pig, you are cracking me up with all your comments! LOL!

  7. An adorable book of patterns...
    Love seeing the pics of your work :))
    Great to know the arm is ok ..

  8. That is going to be sooooo cute! What's the "Don't Ask" thing? Trouble in Paradise?

  9. Hey you! I have not had any creative juices flowing lately. I don't know what's up with me. You see I've only posted once this week, I have a little post I hope to do later on today. I've been super busy at work...shhhhhh...don't tell anyone. lol

    I hope your comment doesn't mean what I think it means..... I'm not going to ask. Mucho love to ya xoxoxox

  10. Hi I just wanted to say I check you blog every day and think its really a hoot! You really tell it like it is dog bite and all thanks for blogging love the recipes too. Nancy

  11. Thank you, Nancy Lee! So sweet of you to take the time to tell me. I appreciate it, and I'm glad you like to come see what I'm up too.



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