Saturday, May 14, 2011


Baby Bloomers


Bloomers Bow

These turned out really cute.  I thought I would never finish them though.  It seemed to take forever.  They look simple enough, don’t they?  They are simple, but it still takes a lot of crocheting for these little things.  It gave me something to do while I was hold up in my room last night.  And I don’t think they’ll be way too big.  I wasn’t thinking about all the gathering at the waste and legs when I said that yesterday.

The poker game was a hit last night.  They got here at 6:30 and it didn’t break up until a little after 2:00AM.

The cake was enjoyed too…

DSCF3250 Coconut Cake

Looks fancy, but it was just a white cake mix with a butter cream frosting.  I put plain coconut on top of the frosting between the layers and toasted some coconut for the top and sides.  I love using white cake mixes.  They are so delicate and so good.

I’m trying to decide whether I should go wake The Captain up and make him go to Trade Days with me today.  The weather is beautiful, and it would do me good to get out of the house for a change.  It’s very dangerous for me to go to Trade Days. 

Trade Days = Puppies! 

I always end up begging for one.  Ha-ha.  I’m such a sucker for dogs, I swear.  I don’t know why he indulges me and goes with me when he knows what I’m going to do.  I go straight for the puppies to look at them and hold a few.  I’m all excited just talking about it.  Gah.

But really…no more puppies for me right now.  I really know that three is plenty.  And these three are a handful.

Y’all have a great Saturday or Sunday or whatever day it is where you are.


  1. Oh Pammy, those bloomers are so-ooo CUTE!.. But I can't help wondering what your next post is going to be about! Are you SURE we're not going to see a new addition to the family? Well, whatever the case, yes go to the Trade Days event and have fun! Enjoy! ~tina

  2. Your cake looks yummmmerssss.. say, where did Captain get his nickname? We have a sailboat so I wondered if he was a sailor. Your little dress and bloomers are so cute! Hugs, Teresa

  3. Those bloomers made me blush ;-)

  4. The bloomers are so cute and so is the purple sweater in the previous post. (I had to get caught up a little..)

    Do you have Mom's coconut cake recipe? I want that to make for Art.

    I went with a friend to see a Yanni concert last night. It was a good concert but lordy we did too much walking and I suffered for it when I tried to sleep last night. Sheesh!

  5. They are just gorgeous.. Your grandchild is going to be one of the best in your town :))
    And that cake looks oh so delish..:))

  6. PS...Really? NOTHING takes you "forever" to crochet. Sheeesh...

    No more dogs....go back a few posts and re-read...

    Cindy Bee

  7. Ok....dummy me. Should have read the posts I missed first before commenting. :o(

    I know what you mean about holding babies...I always want to bring them home with me. The last time I was at the flea market here I held one that I wanted badly to bring home. It's a good thing I don't carry a lot of cash with me.


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