Friday, May 27, 2011

The Black Hole & The New Book

Ladies & Gentlemen…

I Present To You…




The Black Hole

That Sucked A Wad of Money Down It…

OUR Money!


Bite Me, Black Hole.


Alrightee Then…

On to something much more fun:


Sweet Baby Crochet

by Sandy Scoville & Denise Block

Just a peek at some of what’s inside…


Click on the pics for a larger view…






And now I have to run off because the Captain wants to hook up my new monitor.  It’s HUGE!  I love it!

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Fine... Get a new monitor and ignore me today...giggle-giggle... Now, that is a nasty black hole. I was just over at Robin's my garden friend kitty corner in the back. Her neighbors sump pump was just moved and totally is dumping all their water right into her yarn and garden bed. We were bitchn' away like nobody's business.

    Great fun new book. Love the hoodie. Love the dress with the ruffle... OK, you will have fun making it all.

    Time for dinner I asked Scott to pick up Greek Salads for out on the deck and the temp just dropped like 30 degrees since 4. Oh, well, guess we are having greek down in the cave in front of the tube. Will pop back up later.

    Still not having a problem now with commenting since I unchecked the box for keep me signed in. Glad it's working now.

  2. New monitor? HOW BIG? What kind? I use a laptop though, so mine will always just be 17". Love the book. Did you make a GB watermelon? I did! LOL

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Any good afghan patterns in that book? Jean

  4. Thank goodness the water thing is pretty much done. That book is definitely promising. Look forward to seeing what you make. This future grandbaby is going to be the best dressed little thing! Enjoy your weekend :-)

  5. Ever saw the movie "the Money Pit?" those are the joys of home ownership...but this too shall pass - meanwhile, just keep on hookin'
    Those baby patterns look adorable...and how I wish I had a huge computer monitor because I stream a lot of movies online...maybe for Christmas ;-)

    Have a great day!

  6. So happy it has all worked out for you :))
    As for that beautiful baby crochet book,
    Where to start?? Its gorgeous..:))
    Happy hooking :))

  7. Hey sorry for the black hole! Patooey on you black hole!! The book looks like it is full of darling projects. I can't wait to see you turn them out!!! Happy Memorial Day to you as well!!

  8. Oooh, this book looks really nice.. Love all the patterns you're showing from it.. So CUTE! Have a great weekend! ~teener

  9. My that is some expensive hole there. I love your new book it really has got some neat things. Just got Carolyn Christmas new book on Tunisian crochet. I have her 101 stitch book downloaded and printed. Have a great holiday weekend take care.

  10. Love the book, what wonderful baby clothes you will make with it....
    Hope all is taken care of with the black hole now...Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...Hugs Birgit

    OH PS:::: I have a 20 inch monitor... just love it hope you love your as much......

  11. The Gingerbread hat and booties are so adorable..

    Enjoy your new monitor. I need one that would sit across the room, that I could see, while I recline with a remote keyboard, on the sofa. THEN, all would be right with the world. he he he

  12. Anonymous3:03 PM

    UGH,,,,,seeing that blackhole makes me wish I lived in a van down by the river. Thank God I have the Vega!

  13. I hear ya on the black hole thing, Pam. I'm so over all this house fix-it shit. All I keep thinking when I'm working on stuff is, I hope it brings us more money in the sale and even better thoughts are that it makes it sell quicker! Adorable baby patterns and I can't wait to see your renditions. Your ruffled mandala is gorgeous. Love the colors you used. Hope you and the Captain are having a fab Mem. Day Wknd!

  14. that book looks really gd pam i bet you didnt know what to start first lol xxxxxxxxxxxx suz


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