Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Sweater


Baby Sweater with Ruffles

Free Pattern:  HERE

Lighter Purple: Bernat Baby Coordinates (Awful, horrible, splitty yarn!)

Darker Purple:  H.L. ILTY

Hook Size: G

I’m making some baby bloomers today.  I think they are going to turn out way too big.  I’ll know when I start sewing them together.  I’m sure they’ll fit her some day if they’re too big.

I made a 3-layer White Cake with Coconut Frosting today for “the boys.”  The Captain is having seven of his friends over for some grilling of brats in the backyard and poker in his Man Cave tonight.  I’m hiding in the bedroom in my jammies.  (I’m no dummy.  I’d end up playing waitress and cleaning up their mess all night if I tried to join them.)

Hopefully Blogger has their problems fixed now.  I don’t have much of a life without Blogger.  Pathetic but true.


  1. How did I miss this post . . LOVE the pattern . . must make it for Baby Girl Mus!

  2. Glad Blogger has been fixed even if there are a few comments missing LOL..
    Great little jacket, Hope your day is going well :))

  3. I LOVE that jacket!!! The color too...I think that makes it. Of course I'm a purple lover so that makes it more pretty. :o) Going to get the pattern now.

    Did I miss a post? Are you having a little girl???

    Yea blogger was a booger huh? I tried commenting on a couple of blogs and had problems last week.


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