Sunday, May 01, 2011

Baby Girl Sleeper


This doesn’t look like a sleeper to me, but that’s the name of the pattern.  You can find the freebie HERE.  Lots of pictures on Ravelry HERE.


Back of the Dress


Close-up of “butterfly ties” in the back.

I used Vanna’s Choice Baby yarn in the orangy color (can’t remember the exact name of the color), and Simply Soft in Off-White.  It’s not as orange as it appears in this picture.  The color is more muted and looks more the color of a grapefruit.

I used a G hook for the first 10 Rows, then I started using an H.  I used smaller hooks because I was using worsted weight yarn instead of baby weight.  I think the neckline may be a bit too small.  I would add a few stitches to it next time (the starting chain).

This pattern was just as much fun as the one I used for yesterday’s dress and very similar.  I like those “butterfly ties” more than I thought I would.  I did not like them before I saw how it looked tied.  The instructions are in the pattern.


Thanks for your comments yesterday on the set.  I really can’t take credit for the colors since I totally copied Sandy’s.  And I know I should stop crocheting girlie stuff, but it’s so much more fun than boy stuff!  If anybody has any cute baby boy patterns they would like to share, I’d definitely be interested.  I just haven’t found any that look as fun as the girlie stuff.


  1. Oh I really do like this one, and I prefer you stick with the little girl items. I just love looking at them. Can't wait to see which shoes you put with this one.

  2. Uhhhhhmmmmmmmm....I hope the new baby is a girl, cause you sure do a good job on the dresses.

  3. Cute little outfit. Sarah's Sweetheart blog has some cute little girl ideas on her blog too you might like checking out. I didn't start crocheting until my little one was past the baby stage, so I don't have any boy ideas for you, but I'm sure there are some wonderful things out there. Enjoy your Sunday. :-)

  4. Love the baby girl "stuff" you're crocheting!! I also cannot wait till you finish your blanket. I think it will look awesome!!

  5. I'll bet you used Goldfish . . . it is one of my favorite Vanna colors.

  6. You're right, Paula! The color of that yarn is called Goldfish. I can never remember that name because it's not the color of goldfish that I've ever seen! It's one of my favorites too.

  7. Oh, that's really cute. Do you think all this girl stuff is a premonition? I think this is lovely and I do hope it's a little girl so she can wear these darling outfits.

  8. Hi Pammy Sue! I'm also loving your little girlie stuff. Boy stuff definitely has to be more low key. You sure are fast!! Hugs, Teresa

  9. What beautiful outfits in this post and the last one. Ohhhh, if your grand is a girl she will certainly be looking mighty pretty in these.

  10. What pretty baby outfits you are making - what will you do with those lovely dresses if it turns out that you'll have a little grand boy? They are simply adorable! I wish I had babies to crochet for, but I have to be content with doggy sweaters and cat collars LOL


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