Sunday, April 24, 2011

Teeny Tiny Turtle


How cute is this?

Now look at mine:



I’m not very good at amigurumi crochet.

In fact, I suck at it.

Let’s just be real here.

Free Pattern HERE

See more that others have made on Ravelry HERE



  1. It's adorable! It's the Easter Turtle.

  2. I am SOOOO proud of you!
    Yes, made me laugh.
    But you crack me up anyway.

  3. Oh come now, yours is a cutie too.

  4. Oh Pam, it's really cute! I love it so!!!

  5. Ha ha!! He went on a diet. You're so funny. But ya know, all ya have to do is practice more.

    Sorry your day sucked! Just let it go. I say to myself more often now: In 10 years is anyone gonna give a sh** about it anyway?

    I just worked my arse off this weekend and my back is killing me. Hopefully my magnesium drink will allow me to get outta bed in the morning. Next year I want to get together with family for Easter. All this house fix-up crap should be behind me and I can enjoy the holiday once again. Tomorrow will be better!

  6. So cute, so small :))

  7. I love yours! And ya know what?? I have that same frosted plate...what is that called? It's not a plate...I have a burro tail cactus in a pot on mine on my bar by my sink.

  8. I think yours is so cute! :) Thank you for the smile today.

    Blessings always

  9. Good Job. I know these little things can be hard to do. Maybe, we need to look at thinner yarn. But, then again, who the heck cares. I just love things like this that go fast. Off to check out your pattern link.

  10. I like your turtle the best. He has personality. Did you name him yet? Looks like a "Scooter" to me.

    I had forgotten about that cole slaw recipe. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. I think yours is cute.

    I'm having the same problem trying to crochet baby booties. They are too tiny for me. I keep trying over and over and so far they aren't coming out as the picture. LOL!

  12. it's good work, maybe you should've chosen the other colors casue that's what I think is the most beautiful about the above one :)


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