Saturday, April 09, 2011

Saturday Gay Stuff


Remember this project from a month ago or so?  This is what I worked on yesterday.  I really love this and am determined it won’t be a WIP forever.  I want to see it done.  It’s another one that is a joy to work on, like the Rose Motifs I told you about yesterday.  The squares can be done in stages and to me it’s just fun, fun, fun.  If you don’t remember, the pattern is the Flower Burst Square by Chris Simon.  You can find it HERE.


Paw Divider Bar






Mr. Eli got a new summer haircut last weekend.  His beautiful long hair from the shoulders down was zipped away.  I thought he would look silly, but it really doesn’t look bad at all.  You should have seen all the hair though!  Mercy me.  His tail hair was 10 inches long!  This won’t be a permanent thing.  It’ll grow back.  We just wanted to try it and see what it looked like and if it was easier to keep him clean this summer while it’s so hot and he spending more time outside.

Peace Sign Divider Bar

The meatloaf made a wonderful meal yesterday.  It’s meatloaf sandwiches for the race tonight.  And bread & butter pickles…yum.  I didn’t make a dessert.  I had just made chocolate chip cookies, and we still have plenty.  Maybe I’ll get a wild hair and make something today.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do the rest of the day.  You can be sure it’ll be something exciting, though, like a nap. 


Do you think these are cool, or am I just being super-gay?  Survival Straps

And by super-gay, I don’t mean the homosexual kind.  I mean the nerdy definition of gay…just in case some of you are not hip to the new “gay” definition.  Although it’s not really new.  I just thought I needed to explain that.  Whatever.

Okay, bye.


  1. I actually like those bracelets! I wouldn't mind getting myself one or try making one. lol
    I love your squares. Any way of getting the pattern?? I really love it.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project best of all. I adore that pattern and had forgotten all about it. I'm glad you are working on it again.

    About the survivial bracelets...I like the luggage tags the best. If I was planning to buy anything, it would be that. I haven't seen those before.

    I am not up on the current use of "gay" as nerdy. Hmmmm......

  3. Joce, you must not have had your coffee yet. Hee-hee. The link for the pattern is in my post at the bottom of the first paragraph. It's not showing up as a link very well. Guess I need to change the color of my links.

  4. Yes i do indeed like those flower grannys.
    I guess "Gay" in the nerdy sense is out....according to the 20 somethings

  5. How do I not remember this one. Maybe, I've been hanging out at the pool to long today. Fried, even with 30 block. So, this braclet thing-ies are kind of cool, but I think we must learn to make our own...yeah, like that's going to happen.

    Anyways, too water logged to post to day. Finished the sweater and one bootie. Still have to sew in the ends on the blanket before the reveal. Probably tomorrow or well, maybe Monday. I guess I finally go into vacation mode.

    Off to find some after-sun aloe. eeeeks....


  6. Hey there, love the squares and the bracelets too.

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  7. Love your new project, both the pattern and your colour choices

  8. I wonder if you could crochet with para-cord and make your own bracelet?
    Oh Miss Pammy, (remember those hormones we were talking about? this is just another sign of whats to come...) Now,I think you either have to choose between the survivalist bracelet, or the bright red lipstick... wearing the 2 together would be gay, (not the Will & Grace kinda Gay) but the dogs are embarrassed to be seen with you kinda gay.

    Love ya though


  9. Pretty squares! Glad you're arm is letting you hook a bit. Love the bracelets and at first I thought hey, they're macrame and I love macrame and I don't care it it's all 70's old fashioned. I'm hungry and meatloaf sounds good right now but I need to hit the sack. Hope you're enjoying NASCAR!

  10. Love your new project you are using great colors is that Caron yarn? I get a kick out Ely looks like he is saying ma where are my clothes I am naked here.

  11. The squares are beautiful. I like the bracelets but I think I'm starting to get tired with the guys getting all primped and proper with all of the accessories on the market nowadays.
    let's have a real man without all of the AXE, hair gel, earrings, eyebrow waxings, etc.

  12. Wow your flower squares look great Pammy sue! Can't wait to see your finished results! :) And thanks for the link to the pattern, I may have to try them one day.
    Your dogs are adorable.

  13. The squares are so pretty, love your colour choices. :)
    I love meatloaf, but my DD doesn't, so I only make it like once or twice in the year. Enjoy yours!

  14. Love the blanket PS. I'm anxious to see this one finished. I really like the colors you are using.

    I was just looking at my dirty Dixie Doodle dog this morning telling him how hairy and dirty he is. I think it's time he get a good grooming. His tail looks like the before picture of your dog.

    Don't know about those survival straps. I'd prefer one made out of yarn!

    Cindy Bee

  15. Love the squares they are perfect and the color combo is excellent. And I like the doggie's new is always better to be shorter in the summer. :) Is he like my dog? When Foxy gets a new cut she is embarrassed for several days and mopes around and acts like she did something bad.. :(

    It's so hard these days to be talk freely and be "polically" correct using the right words even when they are referring to nothing even remotely close to their secondary meaning... Debb

  16. Love those squares. The colors are awesome. They just scream summer!

    Your dog looks pretty pissed to have to go around naked like that. His expression says, "I'm not fancy anymore and not happy about it either. Hmmph.." I'm sure you don't miss having to clean up all that dog hair and that's what counts.

    I don't know about those bracelets. They look like they'll be the next big fad, though, like Livestrong bracelets and eyebrow piercings. Ewwww....

  17. Pammy, I LOVE those squares!!!

  18. How did Eli feel about his 'trim'? I think he looks different but I bet it grows back quick.

    Those survival straps are cool.


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