Friday, April 22, 2011

Roses & Bad-Mouthing






I could cover the world in roses…

And never tire of making them.

I’m such a dork for saying that.  Nobody talks that way.  When people say things all pretentious like that, I just want to slap them.  Which reminds me…

Warning:  Rant ahead…

Skip this part if you are the sensitive type.

You know what else makes me want to slap someone?  When they dress up in costume-like dresses and aprons and stupid shit like that and stand on a stool and take a picture of themselves from the waist down on a regular basis.  And then they talk in third person when they are talking about themselves like, “She is wishing you a delightfully peachy-keen day!”  “She is quite tired today and needs a wee nap!”  If you do that, you’re an ass.  Stop talking like that.  It’s quirky and fun at first, but then it just gets on everyone’s nerves day after day after day.  I mean, I know it’s your blog and you can talk however you want, but seriously?  You’re a grown woman and a human being, not a character in a children’s book.  There are some serious psychological problems going on there.  Trust me on that one.

I’m so glad I got that off my chest.  It’s been bugging me for a long time.  You are more than welcome to go away if you don’t like that I said it.

Rant Over

And so is this entry.



  1. Your roses are hot
    Your rant is......curiously intriguing...Now i gotta figure it out....Ohhhhhhh....i think i know. teehee

  2. ..I always think is it me who has a crappy life or what. I read some of these blogs and Im like wow what a great life they have always so happy and well dressed...

  3. Can't agree with you more on the last point about some talking in the third party. And please, don't call me sweetie, lovely, or anything of the such cause I am not of none of those. lol Love your rose squares.

  4. PS - You make me LOL every time you rant! I'm serious. Lordy girl, just don't read their blog! Take them off your list. Be done with them. Out with the third party talkers, in with the "I" peeps....get my drift? Does anyone say that anymore? Get my drift? What does that mean anyway?

    Cindy Bee

  5. LOL!
    Love it! You're totally right... it gets old rreeeeaaaalllll fast. Love your roses!

  6. Ooooops~!!!!!! Are you talking about me? I've been know to take a picture or two of my feet in the past...and take a nap....and type like I'm in a story book.

    Watch-out, I'm running for the hills as fast as I can.... Pammy is on the loose today....

  7. Of course it's not you, and I would break our necks if we tried standing on a stool in those outfits! Hee-hee!

    I wonder how many people hate me now.

  8. Love your rants too . . . I haven't had a good rant in a LONG time . . . so I live vicariously through you.

    Now I may do a third person once in a while through Indy-girl's eyes, but I could never climb on a stool to take a picture of my lower half . . . I'd fall of on my butt trying to get on the stool :0}

  9. I don't hate you.. I know it's not me.. LOL

    I do wish I knew who it was though. :-)

    Teresa from Oregon

  10. HahahahHHagahSNOrt!!!

  11. You make me laugh! You are a bit like me, you can't suffer in silence, if something bugs you you can't ignore it.
    Have a lovely Easter.

  12. Got to love stopping by here always something gives me a laugh or two. Your roses are beautiful your afghan is going to be stunning that is for sure. Well my friend you take care be well and rant all you want you are in title too besides this is your blog.

  13. Whew....ok, I'm done laughing now.
    "She thinks that was delightfully amusing!" hahahahahahaha

  14. Love your roses.
    I dont think I have a stool let alone could stand on it while taking a picture of my aproned(!)bottom half!
    And there is no way I would give my kids a book with anything like my language in it!!
    Actually I rather liked your rant too! Maybe you should rename your blog " rants and roses"?

  15. PS - "She" posted a special picture just for you on her blog.

    Cindy Bee

  16. I'm seriously loving this rose pattern. Makes me say "ahhhhhh", such loveliness. LOL, I say 'lovely' way too much! And I confess I do wear an apron in the kitchen, but promise not to take any photos of myself with it on! Hehehehe... have a 'lovely' Easter, Pammy Sue :-)

  17. ROFLMAO!!!! Oh Pammy, I agree with Niecee. It seems like some blogger's lives are perfect. Mine isn't and I promise I won't pretend that it is or take pictures of my lower half in my old hideous sweats while I'm cooking (since I don't often wear aprons) while on a stool and then post about it! Ha, ha, ha!

  18. Love the crocheted roses!

    Have to 'fess up that I say "sweetie~pies" and "my loves" an awful lot on my blog ~ but I promise I don't talk in the third person or take photos of myself wearing an apron and standing on a stool :-D I too would fall off...if I could even get up there in the first place ROFL


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