Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Little Crochet


Bombay Love Baby Jacket

Free Pattern HERE

I had a heck of a time crocheting this simple little jacket last Saturday.  I ripped it out twice before deciding I had it right the first time through.  Gah!  I hate when that happens.  The little bootie isn’t done exactly right.  I got the pattern on Ravelry ($5.95), and I need to start over.  If you look really hard, you can see that I just have the straps pinned down. Those will be wooden buttons as soon as I can get to Hobby Lobby and buy some.  Mine also came out a little crooked.  Here is what they should look like:


Cute, cute, cute!

Pattern HERE

I’m trying not to make too many baby things until we find out if it’s a boy or a girl.  And how is that working for you, Pammy Sue?  Ha-ha.


And finally, here are a few squares I made from the pink roses.  I’m using the Bernat Chunky yarn for the last two rounds. I had ordered it for the Bernat Crochet-Along and ended up not participating.  The pink and green are H.L. ILTY.  Isn’t that what I always use?  Pretty much.

And that’s all for today.  I have gobs of work to do.  Bleh.  Why can’t I be independently wealthy so I could crochet all day?  Ah well.  I’m a very lucky girl and should not complain.  Life is good.  Bye.


  1. That's a cute baby jacket, especially with summer coming and it not being too hot. It would also look cute with some sort of appliqué in front for added pizzazz...but it looks elegant just as it is. I think the shoes are cute. I'm glad I can't get to Hobby Lobby very often - I'd be so broke all the time LOL

    Those rose grannie squares are adorable...I keep saying that one of these years, I'll make a granny blanket/afghan, yet I never have yet!

    Enjoy your day and keep up the good work ;-)

  2. How adorable is the sweater and bootie! I just finished work for today. Get your work done quick and grab your hook and yarn and come play!

  3. Babys getting some new clothes .....early

  4. Oh, it is a "little" crochet. So tiny and cute.

  5. Cute, cute, cute. I have so wanted to make those baby shoes for a long long time. One of my favs.

  6. Awww.. LOVE those little booties!! I have a hard time even walking by the baby section without wishing I could buy something.. And I don't even have grandchildren on the way yet! Your granny squares are lookin' really pretty too! ~teener

  7. I love those baby booties too, but was hesitant to buy a pattern when there are so many for free on the net.. but I may have to indulge.

    Are you pregnant!!?? Woo hoo!

    Teresa :-)

  8. LOL...booties and sweater are adorable. When will they know...boy or girl?

  9. Cute indeed , your crochet is lovely and that little jacket is going to look so cute on your grandchild :))
    The roses are coming along nicely, they will look so pretty when completed :))

  10. Oh soooooooo cute!!!! How I love the the booties and the sweater is adorable! Your granny squares look so sweet and lovely! Amazing work!!!

  11. I hate not knowing if it's a boy or girl.... Those who choose not to find out don't get their gift til after the baby comes cause they're getting a boy or girl gift. I hate gender neutral stuff.... I wanna be able to tell if that's a boy or girl when I walk up to a newborn. Good luck Pammy.

  12. No worries Pammy Sue......I, of all people, understand. I love you is good. xoxoxo :o) PS/can't wait to find out what your grand baby is. Isn't this exciting??

  13. OMG, NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!! Bwa-ha-ha! What a nightmare.

    I'm going to be a granny!


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