Monday, April 18, 2011

I Gots Nothin’


How gorgeous is this?


Cyanne Throw

by Sunroom

cyanne_D_lgSimply Amazing!  I do not have the patience for something like this, but it’s fun to marvel at it.  The free pattern link can be found HERE. 


small_heart I’d like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my latest afghan, Spring Fling.  It’s so nice for others to appreciate and enjoy what you’ve done.  Y’all are sweethearts. small_heart

If I’d quit goofing off and do my work today, I could have some free time this afternoon to crochet on something of my own, although I have no idea what yet.  Maybe more of those rose squares?  We shall see.

Have a lovely day.


  1. THat is hot....!!! BTW..Your baby's baby is special.

  2. Wow! That "star" bedspread is really pretty. It looks like it would take sooooooooooo long to make that though. Plus...those crocheted bedspreads are a pain in the butt to get on the bed straight...too much work to make the bed! Maybe a pillow....

  3. Pammy Sue - if you like that throw, you should try it! I used to think I could never do a lacy doily, then I got the thread and steel hook and voila! I made one! You should try that throw! :-)

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  4. Teresa, you are nuts. Did you see how many of those star flowers you have to make?? I'm not making 756 anything! Heck, I couldn't even manage 156! It would be fun for the first 10 and then I'm outta there. LOL.

  5. That afghan is so beautiful and even IF I managed to crochet all those stars, having to assemble them would be the ultimate punishment for finishing them all LOL I don't think so!

    But it sure is awesome!

    Have a great week ;-)

  6. Haven't been blog stalking in a while. So happy that you have a baby's baby on the way. So many yarnie things to do now!!!
    Still love your blog and will be visiting more frequently again!!

  7. Beautiful pattern and colours :)
    Hope you are able to get some "My time"..:))

  8. I vote you make a scarf...

    Contests on your new baby!!! Prayers for healthy and happy new beginnings!

  9. I love that afghan! It looks like a good project for scraps...but yes, a lot of work!

  10. OMG That afghan is beautiful, I am with you though no patience to complete that but like to look at it. I am doing a scrap afghan and that tries my patience too....too many i can only work on it at home. Right now I am looking for a "traveling project"...have a great day!! Debb

  11. I saw this pretty pattern too. I just tried one motif in ww yarn. I had to make a couple of corrections to make it work correctly. So happy for you on the news of a new grand-baby on the way. Your Spring Fling Afghan is beautiful!


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