Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I Did It

I couldn’t stand it another minute!

Crochet Jap Hanger

I was so happy while crocheting this last night.  Didn’t it turn out so pretty?  Lucky y’all, I’m giving you a link to a FREE pattern AND tutorial by Marmalade Rose HERE so you can make your very own.  The hanger I used came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  They are wooden and have a hook on the bottom and two metal clips on them.  The Captain used some wire-cutters to cut those off, and now they are perfect for covering.

Crochet Freak Divider Bar

So I went to the doctor for my arm again this morning.  Long story short, it’s physical therapy twice a week for four weeks and then another cortisone shot if it’s not better by May 4th.  What a pain in the ass!

He said not one word about not crocheting or typing so I’m going to.  I just have to wear a silly brace thingy when I do.  And I’m not going to go crazy with it.  (Me?  Crazy?  Never!)  Just a wee little bit each evening like yesterday with the hanger.

I have to go now.  The Captain is calling me.  I’m making him some chocolate chip cookies and the first batch is ready.


  1. Very Very Cute, Miss Pammy. I am happy you are back hooking.


  2. Your hanger is really cute. I'm glad you are able to crochet again and hope the brace will help your arm to heal. Chocolate Chips Cookies? Yum! :-)

  3. I love that hanger cover....I am glad your arm is healing. You will be back to your crochet standards in no time

  4. Wow! That's the prettiest coathanger I've ever seen! I wouldn't want to hang anything on it because it would cover all the Pretty stuff up.

    Geez...I just sent you an e-mail asking how your appointment went. I should have read your blog first!

    Off to watch Ellen.

  5. Love the hanger, thanks for the link. Choc chip cookies???? Hold on, I'll be right there.

  6. Anonymous3:21 PM forgot my birthday?

  7. Love the hanger... so cute. I saw a post the other day where someone made shoe holders for their flip flops out of wire hangers and ribbon ... go figure! I am trying a new recipe for dinner tonight called Chicken Milano that I got from I'll post about it tomorrow if it's any good! Hope you are able to crochet a bunch soon, you gotta get started on stuff for that grandbaby. :)

  8. I love her blog, and I too saw and loved that pattern. Have not tried it yet. Was it easy? So cute Pam!! Take care of your arm. You will know your limits!!!
    : )

  9. You know I so am going to be making one of these...ok, maybe two or three. Too cute for words. But, my friend go slow and take care of that arm. Ice, Ice, Ice... bummer about having to go out for PT, hope it's at least near HL.

    Almost finished, I'm working around the border. But, today was perfect, so got out to enjoy the nice weather.

  10. That is such a cute hanger I love the colors you used. They would make cute baby girl dress hangers too. Chocolate chip cookie yumm they would be good with a cup of coffee fresh warm cookies right out of the oven are the best.Good to hear your getting some help for your arm. Take care.


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