Thursday, April 07, 2011

Heaven’s Scent


Your eyes would roll back in your head if you could smell this rose.  It’s the most intoxicating scent.

I gots nothin’.  Just a rose from my yard.  Bye.


  1. Beautiful rose Pammy Sue. We just have daffodils right now. Hope you have a great evening. :-)

  2. Don't for a second I don't see those spritzed on water drops. Way to go. You are getting mighty good with that camera, my friend. Yes, I can smell it here...ok maybe not with this cold. Scott arrives tomorrow, meds on the way from my doc at home. Gotta love the ones who will phone them in for you.

    I'm probably just going to do a picot of some kind like everyone said. I have not a clue what to do next. I will have about a half of each color left.....mmmm...maybe a pillow to leave... or some booties...who knows. I may come to you for a pattern or there is always Rav.

    Off to watch some tellie, missed the sunset tonight, went for Mexican to the local hangout with Marg and Pete.


  3. Hi Pammy Sue,

    Love the rose.. what name is it? Our son's wife dug up all their lovely scented and happy big roses because she didn't like them.. (I KNOW!!) My son brought them out and planted them here on our farm, most of them made it and are sending out shoots. Can't wait to see if they bloom!

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  4. Your rose is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the roses bloom here--soon I hope.

  5. I love roses, although I have lost most of the roses out back and have no plans to replace them. My gardening days are over! (ThanX knees)

    Do you know the name of your pink rose?

  6. Lovely rose, I can almost smell it!

  7. Sorry...I don't know what kind of rose that is. I almost always save the tags from all the plants and flowers, but I didn't save that one this time. Figures, huh?

  8. That Rose looks beautiful! So nice that you have scented roses. I've noticed them getting less and less common these days, making way for all the "beautiful, but scent-free" ones. Sad really. Give me a rose that smells of rose anyday ;-)


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