Monday, April 04, 2011

Dogwoods & A New Book



The dogwoods were in full-bloom when we were driving to Louisiana last week.  They were so pretty sticking out of the huge green trees along the highway.


DSCF2875 Cute & Easy Crochet

By Nicki Trench


DSCF2932  DSCF2933






  1. Those dogwoods are beautiful. I love dogwoods.

    Lot of cute projects in that book. I like the little tote with the flowers in particular.

  2. I love it when trees bloom. We have some real pretty cherry blossom trees here, also dogwood, and my personal favorite...Jacaranda trees with their purple blooms. Those purple blooms make the whole tree look purple. It's especially impressive when you see several on the same street.

    I love the little teddy bears in your new book. Lots of cute things to make for your new grandbaby.

  3. Wow very nice, I didn't know that's how they are called.

  4. Pretty pics, Pammy! Uh- Oh, you're going all soft on us, hee, hee. Re: Sunday's post, I can just picture you trying to crochet with a foot involved, you're so funny. With a grandbaby on the way, your arm MUST work!!

    Dr. Liz' Rx: Try eliminating most acid forming foods you eat for a couple weeks and and see if that helps. Go here and read about acid/alkaline foods: It has a whole list of foods for ya.

    I've been eating sour (Montmorency) cherries for my shoulder pain and it's helping. I swear if I miss a day my shoulder hurts more AND that is some tasty medicine, too-yum! Try some sour cherries (helps with the inflammation for faster healing) eat less cottage cheese ('cause I know you really like it) and less dairy then increase eating veggies and fruits from the list and see if that helps. Have a fab week!

  5. I love the dogwoods. Our are still sleeping yet. Maybe in another week or two. What a great book! Can't wait to see what you will be making from it.

  6. So mice to see you outside. Great pics of the dogwood.

    I so want to make one of those teddy bears. Does the pattern look really hard. Ok, I just want to make about all that I'm seeing in that book. Can't wait for you to get that hook back moving.
    A little better today. Did go float in the pool about an hour, but then back in for a nap and good sneeze. At least my head stopped ringing. Tomorrow we are suppose to get some rain, maybe I'll get off a post and few updated pics.

    Off to watch DWTS,

  7. Great photos and that book looks great.

  8. I love your photo's the Dogwoods remind me of Easter. We had several those trees when I lived in PA had pink ones and white. Your book looks interesting too. Some nice ideas there.

  9. I miss the bush, and its animals.. But happy to see your pics of the dogwood :))
    Cute book , what pattern do you thing you will crochet from it ??

  10. I love the flowering trees. It's been so damn cold here since NOVEMBER I don't think we'll see flowering trees this year.

    The book looks great. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Cindy Bee

  11. Dogwoods are so pretty! That book looks like one I MUST get! Where did you get it?

  12. Can't wait for the signs of spring to REALLY show up here in Michigan. I just ordered that same book, along with the book "Crochet Inspirations". Can't wait to look through them both. It was you and reading your blog that first started to inspire me to crochet again after a 30 some years hiatus and now I want to make up for so much fun time lost.

  13. I just love crochet books.......


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