Sunday, April 03, 2011


You would think I was crazy if you had seen me on Friday night…

I was so desperate to crochet, I was trying to use my left foot instead of my left hand to hold my crochet and yarn while using my right hand to hold the hook and crochet.  Much giggling and cursing and serious looks of determination ensued.  I did finally give up, but I gave it a go.  God forbid, if I ever lost the use of one or both of my arms, I’m sure I could do it eventually.  For now, I will just wait for my arm to heal.

~Heavy Sigh~


  1. SHE'S BACK!!!!!

    The visual of you trying to do this boggles my mind. I'm sure eventually you could do it, all right.

  2. I hope your arm is better soon Pammy Sue. I know I'd miss my crochet time greatly. Hang in there.

  3. I would be lost without my crochet..
    So rest up and you will be crocheting in no time at all :))

  4. Where's the pics....

    Cindy Bee

  5. Take care of yourself, girl! My hand is giving me a bit of a hard time too....and I am sure it will take forever to heal if I don't baby it too. My mom broke both of her arms at the same time a few years ago. It was just awful! You will be crocheting in no time! :)

  6. Crazy Lady. A sight we need to see, please.

    By the way, I arrived sicker than a dog down here and was crash out the whole first day. Boo-Hoo

  7. Oh you poor girl!!! HEAL FAST!!

  8. OMG! Reality Jane's "Yarn Ape" I'm ROFLMAO!!

  9. If there was ever a post that needed a picture!lol
    Strangely enough I have photographic evidence of my daughter trying to eat rice (off a plate on the floor) with her feet!
    I think you would fit right in in my house!


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