Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Girl Stuff


We still don’t know if the grandkid is a boy or girl, but I could not resist making these things!  I saw the dress and bonnet on Sandy’s blog yesterday.  Thanks for the inspiration, Sandy, and for letting me be a copy-cat.

For all the pieces, I used Hobby Lobby’s ILTY in Buttercup and Amethyst.  I used sizes H and I hooks; a little smaller than what was called for in the pattern.  Now let me give you the links for the patterns.  They were free except for the sandals, which I gave you the link for the other day.


This little dress was fun and quick to make. I think it only took me maybe two hours or so – maybe a little longer with the trim, but I can’t remember exactly how long it took. The pattern can be found HERE and is on Ravelry if you want to see dresses others have made.


Then I made the bonnet in about an hour. The pattern can be found HERE and is also on Ravelry. So cute! I used a crochet chain instead of ribbon because I didn’t have any ribbon in purple.


I purchased the little sandals pattern HERE. The pattern was easy to follow and these are very well-made with a double-sole. They are sturdy little boogers. These took me the longest of any of the items to complete. I spent between 4-5 hours making them today. I’m sure my time will shorten considerably when I make them again. This was my first attempt at the pattern. Mine came out too big for a newborn because I used worsted yarn since I wanted them to match the other things. Oh well. They are still too cute for words. You can leave the flower off and just sew the button on if you want to make them for a boy.

I had so much fun making these things yesterday. I had a great day just doing my thing…baking in the morning and crochet the rest of the day.  I would recommend that anyone make at least the dress.  You can find someone to give it to if you don’t have a little baby girl in your life.  You could always have a giveaway on your blog too!  I promise, it will be hard to let go of even if you don’t have a baby.  I threatened to put it on Sammi this morning.  Hee-hee.  It’s probably too small for her though, and I don’t want to get it all doggy and snotty and slobbery and hairy from a dog.

The grilled BBQ chicken and potato salad was so good. In fact, it was so good that I asked the Captain to go get more chicken today and make it again! We only had three pieces left from yesterday, and that’s just not enough. I’m always afraid I will starve. Ha-ha.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my crochet projects today, and I hope you’ll give at least one of these a try.  Be sure and show them to me if you do.  I love looking at other people’s crochet stuff!

Have a great weekend.

Bye, Friends!


  1. Wow that is so cute you have been busy crocheting. I love all the items you made love the color too. I can just picture Sammy wearing and dress giving you a look what did I do to be dress like this. You made my day with a smile here today. Take care my friend.

  2. OMGosh! PAmmy these are sooo cute! I love the purple w/ yellow and the sandals are so frickin' adorable!!! I really hope you have a Granddaughter♥

  3. These are just adoreable. Great fun colors. I think the shoes are the "cat's meow". Can't wait to see what you will be working on next.

  4. Love your new blog layout! Sorry about your hand, I had to keep reading until I found out what happened. The crochet dress is so cute. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. OMG! Those are sooooooooo cute. I can hardly stand it! If no girl baby appears, bet that would fit my baby doll....heh heh heh...

    Great color combo. I've always loved shades of purple and yellow together.

  6. The dress looks gorgeous and you chose lovely colours too.

  7. it's all super cute!

    (I have finished my sunny spread! I just need to get pictures, I'll be posting it next week! )

  8. Absolutley adorable!! But girl you know now they will have a boy! So you need to make some boy things also! To even out the Karma!

  9. What a cute set... very nicely done as always. I keep trying to decide whether to buy the shoe pattern or not, it looks like it may be hard on the hands? I can't wait to see baby in everything you are making...

  10. What a lovely pieces and the sandals are sooooooooooo cute!

  11. Absolutely beautiful color combination and pattern.That would look so lovely on a little girl hope you have a grand daughter...imagine the fun you would have to create although you can create for boys too. I am glad your hand is getting the new blog layout.. yummy Coffee...BBQ chicken another yummy...ENjoy the sunday...Hugs from INdiana.Birgit
    Excuse the large and small letters my mouse and keyboard is wireless and it is having issueS

  12. Pammy, these are all too cute for words. I love the color combination too. I am definitely going to try this dress... I make one similar to it and was amazed at how easy it was to do (and didn't take long at all either). Hope you are feeling better :)

  13. Thanks for sharing photos and links. Your choice of colour combinations is lovely, well done! (I'm terrible at choosing colours.)
    Glad to read you're healing quickly. Next time, throw water on the dogs when they fight. Doesn't hurt and breaks it up fast.!
    Have a great day!

  14. What a darling set for a baby girl Pam!!! How is your hand? When will they know what sex the baby is?

  15. You know I love your baby dress and bonnet in yellow and purple...especially since I inspired you! Those sandals are sooo cute! They should be adult size!

    i'm drooling over a flower scarf that I found on Ravelry - the pattern is $4.00. I'm debating with myself as to whether I can figure out how to make it or just go ahead and buy the pattern:
    What do you think?

    I like your new blog template!

  16. sooooo cute!!!!!! :)


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