Thursday, April 28, 2011

At My House Today


I’ve been making Sunny Spread circles with my Knit Picks Chroma yarn.  I’m loving the orange, and I like the splotchiness of it.  Shut-up spell-checker.  It is too a word!  These were made with the skein that has the gray in it except the middle one.  The next skein is all the lighter colors.  The middle circle is made with that skein.  (I have three balls of each skein, but I think I need to order more.)  I haven’t decided yet what color I’ll use to tie them all together, but PINK is coming to mind.  Yeeowza!  Orange and pink?  That’s right.  I’m just crazy mixed-up color lady. 

I hear some of you sitting there saying, “Those are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen!”  But you just wait.  You’ll see.  It will be beautimous and you will covet my blanket.

And finally,

I present to you…


Flesh-Eating, Dog-Fighting, Skin-Puncturing, Arm-Ripping, Hand-Mangling, Man-Eater!

He was eating bites of banana out of my teeth this morning.  (He really was.  I’m gross like that with my dogs.)  He’s harmless!  WAIT…Um, unless he’s kicking some dog ass, then just feed him from a bowl please, lest you lose the first few layers of your face.


The arm & hand are much better and the swelling has gone down a lot.  I can even crochet, as you can see by the circles pictured above.  I’m still young and resilient, obviously.  heh-heh.


  1. Poor little fella looks so sorry. Look at those ears laid back, he is a handsome little puppy. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Love the circles!

  2. He looks guilty...and like he feels bad

  3. I think you are right. You will probably have to order some more. I did, but didn't want to tell you. It's looking great and isn't that pattern fun. What about the gray/grey to set off the bright colors.

    Ok, off to bed early as the alarm is set for 4am, for you know what.

  4. I've seen that design on another blog and wondered how it was done, so thanks for sharing that pattern! I definitely like your colorful ones as opposed to BEIGE! :-)

    I hope you popped over and saw my last post, some fun pix of lighthouses. We're home now.

    Glad your hand is better! Ouch! Teresa

  5. ...maybe Eli can come live with my little Papillon "Pearl"...but she is only 4 lbs!

  6. I LOVE those colors together! They remind me of citrus fruit. Very yummy! It's gonna be beautiful!
    Love to you~

  7. love the sunny circles! I think pink would be great with them

  8. Glad to hear your wounds are healing. He looks so tough and vicious *kidding!!!!*

    I actually love your circles - I think it is going to make a very interesting blanket!

  9. Poor Fletch. Don't you wish there were 'nice dog' pills for them to take? I was worried about Leo and Pee when I inherited Leo and brought him home. Pee was a tad jealous of him when we first got home but then I made sure I paid him as much attention if not more than Leo. I never had a problem with them. Thankfully.

    Have a great weekend Pammy Sue! xoxox

  10. Love the story about your dog! I was feeding my dog banana today, but I'm sorry, I can't do the doggy breath that close to me. Anyway, LOVE your circles, they remind me of pink grapefruit slices and slices of candy fruit. I think HOT pink would look good, putting them together.

  11. I like those circles. They remind me of sea urchins.

  12. Hey PS - Can't wait to see those circles done. I saw an afghan like that done in the blues (only I think they were smaller circles) and it was lovely.

    I think your dog does look sorry, but feeding him nanas from your mouth....ew. The next time they get in a fight, just turn the garden hose on them. It'll distract them and your hand will be out of the way.

    Cindy Bee


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