Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sugar-Free Potholder

I made this potholder last night while watching American Idol.  I copied the colors from one I saw on Flickr so don’t be too impressed.  I think it was maybe from Casey Plus 3, but I could be wrong.  I’m too lazy to go look.  It was fun to make and I’ll probably make more.  Maybe I’ll even try to be original with my colors.  The pattern is the Granny Mandala with a round of sc and a round of picots at the end.

Here’s the front & back:





I had no sugar yesterday…none, zero, zippo, zilch, nada.  When I realized it was March 1st, I decided that March is going to be a no-sugar month for me.  I figure that’ll be a good way to get me started eating better.  (I plan to continue with no-sugar after the month is up, but I have to put a reasonable end date to it so I have a goal to shoot for…baby steps.  It works for me.)

Just as a side note:  Last year I went without sugar for a whole month.  I got on the scales after that month and I weighed EXACTLY the same.  I didn’t lose even one-tenth of a pound!  It was weird.  I’m not going to let that bother me this time.  If I don’t lose anything, that’s fine.  I’m just going to keep on eating better and maybe try to walk around the block a few times during the week.  That’s it.  I need to do it for my health whether it makes me lose weight or not.  I figure eventually it will start to come off if I do that.  (As long as I don’t eat a stick of butter to compensate for the sugar loss.  Hee.)  Next month I’ll add another healthy habit.

I have to get to work now.  Y’all have a lovely, sugar-free day!


  1. Go Sistah! I decided to start my new eating plan last night. An apple every day and half portions of everything else. B told me that cinnamon was real good on peeled apples and to just peel, cut, sprinkle and put in a baggie in the fridge for whenever you need something. It works great!
    Good Luck!

  2. Very sweet. I have yet to get into AI. We are NCIS last night with some chops. Hey, I love you new gumdrop header, that doesn't count as sugar does it. By the was, the Boston Creme pie we had for dessert was out of this world....he-he...sorry, I had to rub it in. Scooter just call and he's on his way.....let the weekend begin...e-gads.

  3. That potholder is really pretty and it looks nice and thick!

    Good for you about having a no sugar month. It must be difficult to go totally without any sugar at all - especially with all the "hidden" sugars in processed foods.

    I read that refined sugar and bleached flour is really not good at all, so you're doing yourself a favor for not using it.

  4. I saw those too. I saved the picture so i could make some of different colors too.
    I loove the yellow.

    I painted my kitchen cabinets a pretty mello yellow. I just love the color.
    I don't have real nice wodden cabinets so i paint them once in a while.

    Oh I just bought 2 fancy chocolate bars from the local chocolate store. Are ya mad at me now???? Oh god if i did't have my chocolate bar once a week. I would go nuts.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!! Keep the faith. No sugar!!!!

  5. Dear Pammy Sue,

    your Postholder looks absolutly this "Spring" Colours!
    Send you many Greetings,


  6. I tried the no sugar thing for 2 weeks and didn't lose anything so I went back to sugar in my coffee. I think at our age it's the exercise that's the kicker. I really don't eat that much. I rarely eat dinner so I just don't get it. Good luck with it! xoxo

  7. Hi Pammy!

    That's a pretty yellow! I like the pale yellows.



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