Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mini-Vacation Photos

I finally got that cortisone shot in my left elbow today.  I was to the point where my left arm was practically useless.  I couldn’t even hold a cup of coffee with that hand because it hurt so much.  It felt like it had a fever in it.  Doc said that was the inflammation in there making it warmer than the rest of my arm.  So I’m thrilled I finally got that shot and hopefully some relief and healing now.   

Anywho…I’m not supposed to be typing!  So I just came here to post some vacation pictures.  You’ll notice I had a fascination with the azaleas which were in all their glory the days we were there.  By the time we left, they were starting to fade away.  But first…

DSCF2895 The View from our Hotel Room

All of the casinos are on huge riverboats.  That’s how they get around the no-gambling laws.  Apparently if you are “offshore” it doesn’t count!

DSCF2899 The first “big win” of the trip.  I bet $2 on this spin and won $640!  This was the only time I remembered to take a picture.  The Captain also won $650 in a poker tournament the next day.  Then, not 30 minutes later, he won another $1360 on a slot machine.


You can’t tell it from this picture, but these powdered donuts were huge and had a ton of powdered sugar on them.  There were also LOTS of other goodies tempting us every time we walked by this counter:


Cupcakes, candies, pastries, gigantic Whoopie Pies, brownies…


Pies and Cakes!

I swear we did not have one thing from this counter the entire time we were there!  Really!  But guess what?  I got a 50% discount on the dinner buffet because I am 50 years old.  My first “senior” discount!  Ha-ha-ha!  The Old Bag Discount.  Cha-Ching!

DSCF2919 I was stunned by the size of this Pecan Pie (and my ass in the mirrors on the elevators!).  The slices of pie were 3 inches high!  I thought everything was bigger in Texas, but apparently not pecan pie.

Now the flowers…

DSCF2901   DSCF2906







Amazing Azaleas!

And whatever that pink thing is.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures today.  See you tomorrow! 

(That was me not typing.)

Teaser:  I have some “NEWS!”


  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    the pecan pie looks good......BP

  2. I was looking for you.....

    You crack me up with the Pecan and Mirror line... giggle-giggle...

    Way too go with all the pictures and your big, big wins. Can't wait to see all your new yummie yarn. Is that the NEWS.....

    I had better get another email so I can sleep tonight. Don't you dare dangle and not tell or I'll be emailing you all night as I pace the flowers.

    I still can't believe all the colors in Texas blogs I see blooming already. We are just now popping the surface and not a single bud yet.

    TTFN, that's Ta-Ta For Now,

  3. Great vacation, great flowers, really great pastries and wow on the winnings and you're making us wait on the news....mmmmm.

  4. Sounds like an amazing, fun trip. Hope your elbow gets better now that you had that shot!!
    I LOVE GAMBLING!! Congrats on your wins!

  5. Dang! I'm taking Peepers and Popper with me next time we go to Vegas. You guys were HOT! Congratulations on your winnings. It's such a thrill to win, huh?

    Wow! That is some huge pecan pie. Those casino buffets are fabulous with the dessert section. I haven't seen one yet that didn't amaze me.

    Purdy flowers! Glad you had a good time.

    So glad you got a shot for your elbow and I hope it works and it lasts a long time. Did it hurt to get the shot?

    Okay...I'm off the computer as soon as I e-mail Shaun my idea for a name for his son. Destination Truth is on at 9. It's kind of dumb but I like it anyway.

  6. The azaleas are beautiful here right now too. Glad you had a good time and that your elbow is better! xoxox

  7. What fun. I want that donut!!! BAD!!! I refuse to be getting discounts already. 51...I just turned 51. I am not old. I repeat. I am not old. Oh crap. Whatever...I guess if they say I am old at 51 I should take the discount!!!
    Looked like a fun time!!

  8. That pecan pie is to die for all those goodies in the counter felt my hips get bigger just looking at it. Your pictures are beautiful and I enjoy looking at them too. Nice to get away for a while just to get feel alive again for sure. Getting a senior discount feels good and money in the pocket. Take care my friend.


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