Friday, March 18, 2011

It’s Friday!

Hello there.  I’m feeling pretty good for only three hours sleep.  Ask me again tonight when we’re at a poker get-together at some friends’ house and it’s midnight.  Yes, I’m socializing!  The horror!  I have all day to psyche myself up to not be a freak about it.  Oh, the pain.

I made another Tiramisu Cake yesterday to take.  I’m usually the one that brings the dessert for everyone and I thought I’d impress everyone with this beautiful three-layer cake.  I tweaked it this time by adding more coffee and Kahlua to it and I also doubled the filling.  I’ll repost the recipe after we eat it and see if it’s better than the first one that was made strictly by the recipe.


For those of you who don’t know, this is Kahlua, a Mexican coffee flavored liqueur. 

I small_heart Kahlua

In other news…


I couldn’t get a good picture of this potholder to save my soul.  I made it last night in about three hours while watching TV.  It has a separate back and then is crocheted together so it’s nice and thick.  Here’s another pic taken inside:


See what I mean?  Not a good picture.  If I try to lighten it up or enhance the colors, the red gets way too bright and looks fake and blurry.  Anywho…You can find the free pattern HERE.


funny people dividerThey are so cute!


In celebrity news…

We were in the grocery store the other day when The Captain turned to me and said…

Captain:  Hey, did you hear that actress – what’s her name – Reese something?  She was stabbed while jogging in the park last night.  What’s her last name?  Reese…

ME:  Witherspoon?

Captain:  No, with a knife!


Did I get you?


  1. You got me!

    Cute potholder and I L-O-V-E Kahlua. It has such an amazing flavor.

  2. Hi Pammy!

    Kahlua is good...:-)

    And that joke... well... " lets just leave it at that. " ;-)


  3. Love the pot holder, love Kahlua, love the joke! Love Reese!! Hey...don't you socialize?????? Have fun Toots, and take a nap!

  4. That's my kind of joke!!! I love stupid, corny jokes dang it!! I'm gonna tell it to somebody today. Don't know who yet...but I'm gonna.

  5. I've not had Khalua for years, but I love it poured over vanilla ice cream ... perfecto!

    That cake recipe looks good and so does your pot holder. I can't believe I burnt myself today - it's a shame for someone who crochetes kitchen accessories to not use a pot holders!

  6. p.s. good joke! I've never heard it before and at my age, I heard most of them...I have got to remember that one!

  7. Korny joke. Sounds like something Art would say.

    Hope your cake is a big hit and you have fun tonight. I don't like Kahlua but Art loves the stuff so we usually have some around.

  8. Now that is funny LOL....
    Ohh cake, I'm drooling just thinking about it :))

  9. MMMMhmmmmm I got it Pammy Sue...Very funny...For a minute..I was like.."How did i miss this news?"

  10. got me too with that joke! Good luck tonight...sounds like a very fun evening!

  11. Anything with Kahlua is worth my time. If I had some in the house right now, I'd pour it over ice cream and when the it was all gone, I'd lick the bowl clean.

    FUuny thing, I HATE coffee but LOVE Kahlua.

    Go Figure :0}

  12. Mmmmm, I love Kahlua! So good. Its great in coffee. Cute potholder, think I have to try this one. Yup, got me too!

  13. Oh I love your potholder and yes, you got me too with such a funny joke! :)
    I do hope you have a fabulous weekend! x

  14. I absolutely love your blog! You could be my secret twin sister! Great minds think alike! Thanks for being honest!

  15. Lol....good joke from the Captain. The cake sounds to die for! I love Kahlua. :o)xoxoxox

  16. Love the potholder and the joke.
    I'm sucha sucka

  17. LMFAO, at first read I was like, wtf is she talking about.. not even remotely funny. Then I got it, after my third try :P

  18. Love Kahlua,, B-52 bomber...yummy. love Tiramasu too... another yummy..
    and those potholders so cute....seems like we all are busy with something we love.. me the grandkids and unpacking ( don't love that seems never ending)Hugs from Indiana....Birgit

  19. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Ok at first I didn't think it was a joke and thought he was funny, then I got that it was a joke and thought it was stupid and then I started laughing out loud at the stupid joke. BP

  20. I bookmarked that potholder...cute!


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