Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello Thursday


This is all the crocheting I’ve managed to do since Sunday.  This is the new Chroma yarn and the start of my blanket of granny squares with it.  I’m loving the peachy-pinkness of it so far.  I’ve had a thing for orange lately.


The beans were rescued and turned out great after all.  I’ve been eating them for three days and I’m not tired of them yet.  It’s a keeper.

And finally…



That’s kind of scary-looking.


  1. Tell Fletch to stop picking his nose. Yuck.... But, a big yum on this yarn. Isn't it soft like a baby's butt. Love your flow of color. I'm just hoping we have enough. Good job on dinner. Gottal love a crockpot meal.

  2. Now that's what I called a handy-dandy handkerchief there, Sport. Love it!

    I'm glad you liked the beans. We had them over franks the other night with about a cup of cheese melted on top and finished them off.

  3. I cant believe Debbie M. won that blanket. She keeps going on and on about it.....I love ham and beans....Are you passing lots of gas

  4. I think my fur nephew wants some of those yummy beans. His tongue is hanging out!

    Have a great trip. Are you leaving early tomorrow?

  5. Nothing like a dg licking their chops to put a smile on my face 0}

  6. Your beans look really good and that yarn is gorgeous! Is that from Knit Picks? Hope you are enjoying your evening Pammy Sue.

  7. Pretty yarn Pam! Beans look so good!

  8. Did Fletch have beans too? I think he liked em!

  9. The yarn looks lovely, I'm sure you'll have a great time making the afghan. :)

  10. Love the color of this yarn!

  11. Love the yarn! And your slurpy baby too. :o) xoxo

  12. You put a picture of your dog picking his nose with his tongue and you don't like a picture of dog poop on my blog? Really? It's like this PS, when we see the poo, it's a sign of spring...the snow has melted off of it, time to clean up the yard! Love the potholder and the new chroma yarn. That's gonna be a beautiful afghan. I gotta get going on the one I started with that pattern.

    Funny - I thought the same thing as RJ about the beans!
    Cindy Bee


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