Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cookbooks & Crap


This is my cookbook cabinet.



If you click on this one, you may be able to read the book titles better (if you care to).  On the middle shelf, the healthy books are on the left and regular books on the right.

I have a few favorites that I would keep if I absolutely had to get rid of some…


But this, my friends, is my treasure.  I’m serious!  I picked this up on a whim back in about 1990, and it has become my absolute favorite.  There are so many good recipes in here, and it’s cute and funny.  It has also become well-worn and I’ve made handwritten notes in it.  That’s what will make it a true treasure some day for my sons or their wives or maybe some stranger who finds it in a junk shop.  I love finding cookbooks with handwritten notes in them where you can tell they’ve been used over and over again.  I don’t even know if it’s available anymore, but if you see it, I’d buy it up if you cook.  Well, let me just go do the work for you…

Oh my gosh…HERE it is used starting at 9 cents!  Shipping is $3.99.  Well worth it, people!  There are nine used ones for sale.  I should get a cut for that plug.  What would that be?  2 cents?   LOL.


This is a magazine I bought back in the fall of 2009.  I will be using the 3-week diet plan as a jump-start when I get my ass in gear and begin.  I just read it a couple of weeks ago.  It’s been sitting at my bedside just waiting for me to get the guts to pick it up.  I just haven’t been able to face another “diet” and/or exercise plan for a very long time. 

There’s a 2-year story behind that which I mentioned minimally on my blog probably starting in 2007 somewhere.  I don’t remember exactly.  Successful Lap Band surgery, followed by complications (caused by carelessness and errors of the medical staff responsible for filling the band), followed by removal and another weight-loss surgery.  Ugh.  It sucked.  I hate talking about it.  I should have sued.  It would have been an easy win that would probably have been settled out-of-court, but I didn’t have the energy to pursue it.

ANYWAY…I digress.


I just noticed this morning that this is the bookmark I’m using in that magazine.  It made me laugh.


The trip to IKEA yesterday turned into a trip to The Container Store instead.  No dish drainer was purchased, but we did leave there with a giant bag of cool crap.  That’s a fun store if you don’t go too often.

So it’s 1:10 PM and I’ve been putting off work all day.  I just don’t wanna so I’m not gonna.  My boss is really cool and lets me be off pretty much whenever I want.  Hee-hee.  I’m still in my pajamas.  I guess I should go and at least brush my hair and teeth.  Hygiene is a pain in the ass.  LOL.


  1. LMAO, you're too funny. You're lucky you get to stay home and work.

    My older sister didn't do the lap band but the smaller stomach surgery, what's that called?? She ended up in the hospital too with a leak due to a small 'nick' somewhere inside of her. It was a small leak but enough that she started filling up with fluids. I had to make an emergency trip to NC to stay with her husband's elderly aunt while she was back in the hospital. Scared the crap out of all of us. She lost over 130 pounds and now is putting it back on. She doesn't get any exercise at all and I think that's her problem. Plus her stomach may have stretched back out. I don't know. I lover her big or small.

  2. Pssssst...im baaaaack...aka.. QOW

  3. Hygiene is a pain in the ass. So funny!!!!

    Ikea is about 2 hours from where I live. Never been.
    Lap Bands can be dangerous.
    I am not calling my diet a diet.
    My husband and I have a lifstyle change. What bullshit its a diet.
    You don't eat anything ya like diet.

    But we have lost weight. me 7 and him 12. Men always can loose.

    Well have a Great Day!!!

  4. I have never been to the Ikea store here. I've heard they make you walk through the entire store before you can check out, so I just look at their stuff online instead.

  5. Is that Fannie Flagg I see. Any Fried Green Tomatoes in that there book. I always wanted to try a good F.G.T. Oh, forget showering now, think about tomorrow. But, brush the teeth. Just home for a 6 hour shopping excursion. 3 craft and 3 market. I'm set for the long haul at least supply wise. Mentally, that's another case. Pray for me friend. Pray and Pray hard, it 5 straight.

    Off to figure out what to do with the porkchops, which I never cook cause he doesn't like. But, if I have to eat his brown rice, that he can have a chop or two every so often.


  6. Hey Pammy,
    I can identify on so many levels with this post. First on cookbooks. I have so dang many, it is ridiculous. I love to read them like novels. I RARELY cook from them, and almost never go exactly as per the recipe states. But I do get great ideas from them. And I try new things. I have a few of those on your shelf. The bookmark in the magazine is a hoot! I am so sorry to hear you had a botched lap band surgery. It is so scary, that stuff. I hope you are okay now. I have had to struggle with my weight since I had to have a total hysterectomy, 10 yrs ago. Luckily for me, I have always been very active. I know this, you have to be ready mentally, to have it do you any good. So I hope you get to that place soon, and have much success. I am here to root you on. If you will do the same for me!!!

  7. hmmm...i noticed alot of people have a different URL address than blog name....I tried to change it...Its hard..cause i keep losing stuff when i do. Dang it PammyS!..just go with it ...its just for fun..

  8. Hi Pammy! Ziggy, huh?! Well, I'll have to check that out. I did see you had at least a few Marilu Henner cookbooks. You like them, I take it? I don't have ANY by her, so I'm just curious. We had homemade mac-n-cheese tonight.. So GOOD! It will ALWAYS and FOREVER be my favorite! Dear Son promptly agreed when I suggested that maybe I better start doubling the batch, and I'm pretty sure none of it would ever go to waste!.. Have a good night! ~teener

  9. 1st I double clicked the photo to get a better look, then I read you mentioning to do this to see the titles.
    2nd I googled Ziggy's Cookbook, then I saw you did it! lol! When am I gonna learn to read through first then do my thing? Oh well we are on the same wave. I think Im gonna get the cookbook:)
    I love the bookmarker..how ironic.
    Im glad we don't have an IKEA nearby that I know of. I dont need a shop like that here. Its hard enough not going to Crate & Barrel more often!
    BTW~I want a good Fried Green Tomatoes recipe too.


    Your "book mark" made me laugh out loud. You're silly!


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