Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Bullet List

  • Those Chocolate Bites I posted yesterday are seriously good.  I was a little worried I wouldn't like them much because of the almond extract, but that is what makes them so good.  It's not too almondy-flavored at all.  It's good with the chocolate flavor.
  • I had already been working on some little hearts and wall decoration when Lucy posted about them yesterday.  I was waiting to finish my decoration before posting about it.  Hmpf!  She beat me to it, dammit.  You snooze, you lose.
  • I've been hooked on oranges lately.  They are good right now.  It's better for me than being hooked on chocolate, I guess.
  • I bought ANOTHER birdcage.  It's teeny though.  Now I need to crochet a teeny-tiny-itty-bitty bird.  I guess I need to use thread.  It's that tiny.
  • My geraniums do not look good.  I don't get it.  I just have a brown thumb.  They are not dead so there is still hope, but it's not looking good.
  • It feels like a Friday today.
  • March is a boring month.  I don't like March very much.  It's just kind of a filler month for the year and it seems to last forever.
  • I'm off to get a shower so I can run some errands without looking like a skank.  Okay, I might still look like a skank, but I won't smell like a skank.
  • Blogger is stupid with the formatting in so many ways.  They need to get a clue.  This is the dumbest looking bullet list ever.  You should be able to return without a bullet appearing between your lines when there is no text.  Now I'm irritated.


  1. If you return twice after each entry, it will drop the bullet.

    Hope you are well! I miss my laptop cuz it makes me miss ya'll... I do have skype and internet on my phone...

  2. *Isn't she good at that.

    *Glad to hear your not shopping smelling like a skank.

    *March is not my favorite month either.

    *Geraniums like heat, humidity and sun.

    *You are right the bullit points are not great.

    *I too, am showered and ready for a shopping run.

    *Just how did I miss that cookie posting.

  3. Seniorita - Meee theenks you are pms'ing.

    Scribe knows EVERYTHING about blogging

    post your hearts anyway - I wanna see them. I thought you were having crochet block. Are you sure you didn't copy from Lucy? (snicker)

    I bought some clementines and the boys I watch ate them all in two days. Pissed me off.

    Did you see Clara's birdcage she crocheted? caute Check out her blog.

    I was just thinking I wish I would have built a small cottage in the woods and bought a camper and headed south for the winter months, including March.

    What's the matter with skank? I just went out to get groceries and didn't shower. Better go get one..

    Cindy Bee

  4. Okay...I like March. I was born in March. March means Spring. Spring means flowers, and more sunshine. Don't be knockin' my March!!! Tee-hee.
    The oranges are to die for good right now. Like sipping sugar straight from the orange! And did you know that orange and chocolate go great together?? I love those lucy hearts. Gonna do some today. I am showered, but wearing cozy sweats for an inside day. No school for my lil' Dumplin' today. Have a GREEEAT day friend!

  5. I always get a giggle out of your posts and comments :)
    Don't worry, you're not the only one with a brown thumb, I always manage to kill all plants that are supposedly carefree ;) the ones that survive are the ones I forget about!
    Hope you have a wonderfull day!

  6. I like March because it's my birthday month! (nearly there!!)

  7. Hi Pammy! Yeah, blogger sucks in so many ways! I wrote a comment to you yesterday and blogger gave me a msg. that it couldn't process my request or some such words. Didn't have time to write it all again, damn-it. I need to learn to copy before I send it to post. Just glad they have blogs or I wouldn't have met you or others and that would suck even more. Cookies look yum. I like your new crochet critter book. You do not look or smell like a skank, I'm sure of it. Take it back and give yourself a hug. Now, that's better!

  8. Glad you enjoyed the cookies. The almond flavouring put me off I'm afraid. In my family we say almond flavouring tastes like cockroaches !!!
    I'm enjoying your blog very much. Love your style. I follow a fellow Aussie called Mrs Pyjamas who reminds me a lot of you.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. I missed a cookie post??? WTH??? lol

    Must have a look-see. I love oranges, specially when I get a hankering for them. Love chocolate too, and almond, and coconut, and banana and.......aww crap...anything sweet just about. Cept' raisins. I love oatmeal cookies but for some reason people like to ruin them with raisins. :o)

    You have a new crochet critter book? Did I miss something else??? Off to investigate. xoxoxo

  10. Hello Pammy... I am making the the pink lemonaide pies Saturday at my daughters! I couldn't find the shortbread pie crusts :(
    Did you use the deep dish or just regular size pie crusts?
    Hugs, Brooke

  11. So, is Reality Jayne getting that book or not? I really do think she deserves it. You could do a giveaway with your little hearts.

  12. Ziongirl ~ Just use the regular crusts. You want the filling to heap up in there so you have a nice, high pie! Too bad you couldn't find the shortbread. The graham will be good too though.

  13. Skank.....Smank! Just carry a couple of them yummy smelling cookies in your pockets!

  14. Clara! Seriously...why does RJ deserve that book? I want it. I'll share it with her! She didn't even comment on this post. I've commented twice. Come awn....

    Cindy Bee


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