Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Take a Peek



Looking out my front door.

I covered Rosemary with a sheet last night

Because I love her.

It’s not much, but it’s solid ice.

It’s 19 degrees at the moment.

Big Whoop



I’m going to:

1.  Light a fire in the fireplace.

2.  Make a pot of fresh coffee.

3.  Grab a pillow and my new RED Granny blanket.

4.  Find some yarn and a hook.

5.  Plant my ass firmly on the couch.

6.  Skype a friend and giggle.

7.  Crochet (Even if my elbow swells to the size of my head.  I don’t care.  Must crochet.  It’s mandatory on icy, snowy days, haven’t you heard?)


  1. you go girl.....looks chilly there in your usually mild area....Hope your wrists feel better

  2. I hope your elbow is better.... It is soooo sad when you can't crochet. My elbows do that too. It takes me a good 4 or 5 days to recoup.

    We are getting that storm too. Lots of ice and snow where i live. I feel for to garden bell she lives in Chicago. 2 feet of snow projected there. WOWOWOW

    So cuddle up and enjoy crocheting!!!!!!

  3. Brrrrr!!! Enjoy your cozy day. Put some ice on that elbow!!!!

  4. Good plan!
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Love to you~

  5. Sounds like a plan to me!! We are getting rain rain rain here with maybe a few flurries, most of snow is north of us, up in IL and MO and Ohio and such. wish I could cuddle up with some crochet instead of going to work!

  6. That's the way to go Pam! Looks the same here. Rain, sleet and now some icy snow. ick I'm making a "big" pot of soup and about to go work on gourds. Have a warm day!

    Hugs XX

  7. I L*O*V*E cold weather so much that when we retired we moved to the husbands hometown right between Buffalo and Niagara Falls .the Land of Butt High Snow.

    I L*O*V*E snow . . .no matter the amount . . it makes me happy

    I*C*E . . { { { B-O-O-O-O-O-O H-I-S-S-S-} } }

    I*C*E sucks BIG TIME. Tell the Capitan to take care if he is working. Rookie ice drivers are dangerous.

  8. I hope the weather warms up soon. Well it warms up during the day a bit but come evening and morning, it's very cold that it takes my breath away. Right now it's -10C/14F but with winchill factor it feels like -24C/-11.2F. I don't like it one little bit. Brrrrr

  9. Hey just go stick that elbow in the snow/ice outside, then keep crocheting and don't type for awhile. Of course it's the typing that caused it. NOT your beautiful crocheting!! Have a goooood day despite all.

  10. That sounds like grand plan to me hope the arm is doing better. What weather you have we are getting too in Delaware. Well take care be warm my friend.

  11. Whoa.....I didn't think it was going to go that south! I wish I could plant my butt on the couch to crochet. Stay warmy!

  12. Sound like a perfect day for you. It was great to catch up this afternoon. I will give that pattern a whirl soon, I promise.

  13. Oh yes, that open fire is the go :))
    stay warm ..:))

  14. Pammy Sue - dammmmnnn girl...crochet for crying out loud! :) I haven't been online for awhile and in checking your last few posts, you need to crochet hon. Or get some progesterone cream. OUCH - Don't hit me! Hey, seriously, go to the drug store and get one of those arm band things that have this jell-type cushion in it and have the pharmacist show you how to wear it properly. My husband has one and sometimes when he starts hammering away on our house, he has to wear it. The other thing, I was a secretary for 15 years, did a lot of typing. At night I had to start wearing these arm braces. It's repetitive movement that causes the problem. Try it and see if it helps.

    Cindy Bee

  15. Ooooo! Pretty! Snow!(and like, did I say it was, like, pretty?)

  16. I hate ice! Not too crazy about snow either. I hope you stay inside and crochet, crochet, crochet. Hope your elbow get's better very soon.

    How's the doily coming along?

    Blessings always.


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