Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Already?



I made some sun tea on Saturday.  You can always tell when it’s getting close to springtime here when I start making sun tea.  After all, it’s been in the 70’s for over a week and some of my plants and roses in the backyard have little tiny buds on them.  It won’t be long before we’re sweltering here again. 


I’m still making squares.  I have all the middles done and I’m working on the white rounds now.



But today I’m take a break from the squares and making myself some new cup cozies.  Mine are all old and raggity.  You can see them in that picture on the left.  I use them every single day so I figured it was time for new ones.  I put those lemons in the picture to show you how big and lovely they are.  I like to eat them by themselves with salt.  I plan on having one of those this afternoon.  YUM.



My first new cozy with bobbles at the top and bottom. The middle part is just rows of sc.  I made it this morning.  This was a self-striping yarn so no color changes or cutting and sewing in ends.  Yipee.

I also have one other project started, but I can’t show it to you because it’s one of my Pay-it-Forward gifts!  I’ll show it once it’s mailed and received.

For those who have asked, my arm is a little better.  I’m still icing it once or twice a day.  It will just take time.

That’s my day…making cozies, drinking tea, and snacking on a lemon (and crossing my toes and fingers that no work comes in).  Sounds good to me.  Y’all have a good one too.  Bye!


  1. Fine... go ahead and make "Sun" tea... rub it in. Make my drool. Look at that Blue Sky. Can't wait to see this altogether. Remind me, doubled up with two strands. And what's that long silver thing on the table?

  2. Pretty cup cozies. I've been making them with some of my leftover stash too. I love lemons. Never had lemons with salt though. Might have to try that.

  3. I love your work. So those round things on your table are the centre of squares?? They look awesome!!! Now I have to go and find me some pattern like that cause I would love to try that. As for lemons... I can feel my face pucker up already!! lol

  4. I have never made sun tea.. Sounds interesting though :))
    Love your cosies, There are so many patterns that can be used.. and look so good on a mug :))
    Eating lemons and salt??????
    Your squares are looking great and it is an easy pattern to make..
    Hope you day is a crafty one :))

  5. Your squares are lovely Pammy Sue, great size too, make a really great quilt.. Look forward to seeing it finished :))

  6. Thanks for the reminder....I have to make some sun tea as well with all the sunshine here. (I got my first sunburn yesterday!)

    Love your cozies and am glad you're enjoying the nice weather!

  7. Yum on the sun tea. I don't have enough sun long enough at the house to make sun tea. Too many trees surround me.

    I can't believe you just eat lemons with salt! I've never known anyone to do that. I shiver just thinking about it.

    Love the cozies. And your squares are looking 'springy' I think. I like those colors together. xoxo

  8. Sun tea, Pammy?! I am SO-ooo jealous! We had one gorgeous day recently, just about 60 degrees, and then the temps plummeted right back down again, to single digits even, BY THAT NIGHT! The next few days have been FREEZING, so I just can't WAIT for Spring to get here. I've had enough of Old Man Winter!.. LOVE your glass cosy! The bobbles are a very pretty touch I think!.. Dear Son has the school week off, so I'm making good time catching up with all my blogging friends. I'll cross my fingers for YOU, so that no work comes in... Have a great day! ~tina

  9. Fresh lemonade would rock my life you put lemon slices in water it would work like sun tea?

  10. The squares are coming along nicely. I'm stuck for new projects at the moment so am dabbling in a few little items here and there to keep busy between chores, etc.

  11. Sounds like as near perfect a day as a day can be. 70 degree weather? The ground I was so happy to see a few days ago is now covered over again and white. Send some spring this way, would ya?


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