Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Wednesday


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Scottish Deerhound

2011 Westminster Champion


How Fun!


The Fisherman’s Wife

(I love that name)

I’m considering this for my next project.  I’ve wanted to make this shawl for a long time now.  I’m probably going to use a different yarn type than called for in the pattern because I want it to be softer than that rustic wool.  You can find the pattern on Ravelry HERE for $4.00, or you can buy the finished shawl on etsy HERE.  The pattern is by Kalurah.

I about died when I saw this picture:


I Want It

I found the picture HERE.

I’m pondering a crochet version of it.  I’ll roll it around in my brain awhile (maybe weeks) and see what happens.  The Captain has agreed to make the parts.

Have a wonderful day!

I’m going to do laundry and crochet in between loads.


  1. Love all the fun things you shared. The name in the coffee cup is neat. I really like the Fisherman's Wife pattern, very pretty. The wool I've used (Wool-ease; part wool) has been soft when worked with a little bit bigger hook. I'm sure you'll find the perfect yarn though. Have a great day Pammy Sue. I'm doing laundry too. :-)

  2. What fun things you have shared with us today. Thanks, Pam.

  3. Love that bird house... wow!

    I don't understand Ravelry... I posted a little project on it yesterday... but I still really don't get it. Sigh. Someone told me its like facebook for yarn people.

    Sorry I didn't inform about her birthday... I thought everyone knew as it was mentioned in her comments the post before. I posted a ton o photos from my phone yesterday and the potholder is there.

  4. i say NO to the shawl and NO to the birdhouse cozy....For crickets sake, Pammy Sue!!!....I think you've gone stir crazy...Its the weather...i am sure

  5. PS - I was just getting all of my projects out, that I have made in the last few years and found two knitted shawls....I was wondering..who wears them anymore? I have 3-4 and I just don't wear them. I love the name The Fisherman's wife too, but will you wear it? If you will, then I will!

    Love the birdhouse. Cute.
    I never heard of the Scottish Deerhound until he won. I didn't watch it, but of course, it's been on the news, then he was just on Martha, so I saw him. He's a cutie. And I'm sure he's much better behaved than my dogs.

    Cindy Bee

  6. OMGosh! you are sooooo cool! I love all this. I went to the name in the coffee but too cheap to buy.
    I love the shawl...that is awesome & look forward to seeing your finished project.
    BTW~ I love The Slob in the Kitchen & continue to have fun with the recipes. My favorite cookbook! Thank you again.

  7. A friend's 1st "grandchildren" were 2 Scottish Deerhounds . . .they were so HUGE and so adorable. They road in the back seat of a car from Delaware to Indiana . . and loved every minute of it.

  8. I ripped off your blog just so I could post something today. I've posted twice since I got home.

    I like the birdhouse! I thought of your today when my cutomer had a crochet covered jar on her counter. It had a face one know those plastic googly eyeballs you can get at Hobby Lobby and I think the mouth was just felt lips. Anyway, it had a cute little cap on it with a tassel so the who jar was covered. I peeked and it was just one of those big plastic jars (kind of square shaped) that you can buy snacky things in. Really a cute idea! I wish I had had my camera with me!

  9. Oh just look at that sweet doggie face! Love that shawl you picked out. I'd use a wider ribbon thru it tho-. What a cute birdie house. A sweater cozy for the birds (adorable) and the Captain is gonna make the wooden part? How sweet of him. AND I just haveta tell ya again what a pretty 'ghan for your sis! Hope you're more spry today!

  10. Dont listen to the QOW... that bird house is too die for cute. I want one sooooooooooooo bad.... Let's think up a pattern, girlfriend.

    YOu had me for a second I thought you ACTUALLY wrote your name in a cuppa-cap today.

    Scrolling back up to have another look and pop to a few links. Great post today.

  11. I really do like that birdhouse and am sure you could come up with a crocheted version. It's really cute.

  12. I love name on your coffee I thought you made it at home. Love Scottish deerhound reminds a little of a dog I had years ago he was full size snauzer and police dog he had same type face as hickory does he only listen to German commands and the kids never messed with us he protected from everyone. You got to love that knitted birdhouse with fair isle pattern. You figure out crochet for birdhouse then you can add your birdies to it too. Well I always learn something new when I come. Take my friend be well.

  13. The bird house is hysterical!

  14. Fisherman's wife pattern is gorgeous! I too loooove the birdie house!

  15. Hickory reminds me of an Afghan (dog), German Shepherd and a Terrier. The face is terrier, the legs, feet and color are German Shepherd, and the body is Afghan.
    Love the birdhouse, that's too cute. Thanks for the crest, that kinda bothered me too but then when you said what it was, I was like 'DUH'. I knew that. I think I'm getting 'stupider' in my older age. lol. xoxo


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