Thursday, February 03, 2011

On Hiatus

I’m outta here until my arm is better and I can crochet or until I have the least little thing to blog about.  Right now things are dull around here.  That’s the perfect word for it too…



  1. I feel the same way...Im in a funk!

  2. Hope it gets better for ya real soon! Have you tried Bio Freeze? If not let me know and I'll send you some. xoxoxo

  3. I hope your arm is well soon! That would make me pretty "pissy" too! Not being able to do the things I enjoy in life. I will miss you untl you are back from the world of dull and I hope it is a very very short trip!

  4. Hey let's all meet half way for coffee! P.S. go to the drug store and get those arm braces I spoke of. Seriously, they help.

    Cindy Bee

  5. Feel better soon. :)

  6. Exit . . stage left :0}

  7. Oh no sorry you are still in pain with that arm!!! Rest it, and come back soon. You will be missed!

  8. Hi Miss Pammy Sue in Dullsville, here's my 10 Step Rx for ya:
    1. Get a new comfortable chair with good arm support for use in front of your computer (where you do your typing).
    2. Get a new more comfortable key board and make sure your arms have support even if it means a lower or higher desk. Because this is what you do for a living, this is a must. Think of it as a tool to getting your job done.
    3. Take your vitamins and get lotsa rest. Take your calmag drink I told you about. Did ya get some? That will help your owies.
    4. Bundle up warmly and take your doggies for a walk (or one at a time). While doing so, live in the moment. Don't think about dinner, yours or anyone's problems, etc. just look around you and at your puppers. Exercise will get the blood moving around and will help you heal.
    5. Get a back massage. This will help move the energy and blood around so you can heal faster.
    6. Be productive at what you CAN do. This will keep your morale up.
    7. Search for your next crochet project.
    8. Visit other creative blogs unless it hurts your arm to be in that position.
    9. Have a good cry if ya feel like it!
    10. Email me and tell me to shut up!
    Do get better, we'll miss ya!ox Annie

  9. Hang in there, hopefully your world will right itself soon and hook and yarn will reunite!

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon Pammy Sue. This time of year is dull as you put it...I'm ready for spring, a bright sun in the sky, buds on the trees and flowers starting to bloom. Sending sunshine thoughts to you. Hope you arm heals quickly.

  11. I'm in a Funk too.......Whats the deal?

  12. ...what Bee Lady said...

    lerve you PS


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