Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I took another long nap after that last horrible post, and then I came in here to delete it.  But I saw all of your comments and I laughed, and now I'm going to leave it!

I'm better now, by the way.  Sorry for my hissy fit.  I usually catch myself before I hit "publish" on those kinds of posts.  Oops.

Back tomorrow with a smile plastered on my face.

Psycho much?


  1. Pammy Sue...You must tell us (blink blink) who you were referring too

  2. I am assuming you were talking about me...dont ask me as to why i think that...i ,indeed have been accused of being self absorbed and passive aggressive. I dont like posting alot of pictures and i like talking about my miserable life so all in all it could be me, but you left that up to the poor reader to decide...I took it as a joke though really

  3. Sometimes in life you just can't hit "DELETE" although you may have wanted to. I can relate sometimes. Live and learn and f@^#*%* those who don't get it. Love your blog. Keep it real.

  4. Na na na naaa naaaa naaa - You got cited by the Queen!
    Bad P.S. Bad Bad
    Cindy Bee


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