Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I’m Wiped


Valentine Granny is in her new home.

My sister was very happy.


And I’m wiped from typing ALL DAY.

I’m going to go stare at the wall and maybe read a few blogs on my laptop while I semi-watch TV.

Oh, wait…are you watching the Westminster Dog Show??  Tonight is the big finale when the Champion will be crowned at the end of the night!  I love watching it.  It’s on USA Channel for the first hour and MSNBC the last two hours.  Yes, it’s THREE HOURS again tonight.  These important matters cannot be rushed.  I love seeing all the dogs, and tonight the Big’Uns are showing.  I love the big ones.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I love them all.  You know that.


  1. I bet you are. Sound like a good nap is needed this afternoon. In fact....you know where I'm heading now...

    So, if you are watching tonight. Look for a dog named Scarlett in the Working Class. Good family friend of my dad's. She has won the last three years in her boxer class.


    Look for Scarlett tonight.

  2. Such a beautiful gift for your sister. A real feeling of accomplishment I am sure.

  3. I am glad you reminded me about the show. I missed it last night and could have kicked myself this morning when I remembered. I had a rough day also with 8 two year olds. And GB the boxer is one of my favorites also. I have a male named Presley, I love me some Elvis. He is a big baby! I think the boxer and Boston Terrier are my faves! Hope you get some rest Pam, kick back and enjoy the show!

  4. Oh..reading back to see that our own Kate has a doggin in the show!!! Well, she knows a doggin the show. Have you seen Best Of Show? A riot!
    Rest up kiddo, and get another beautiful afghan going for us to feast our eyes on !!!

  5. Cute granny blanky... Hope you had a great evening... We are in the middle of the great melt down right now. My weather guru is predicting a possibility of more winter next week... but i haven't told the Queen or GB yet... don't wanna bring them down... and hopefully it will shift.

    I've been hookin a lot lately... little projects.

  6. Well ofcourse she is happy with it. How can she not be! It's a gorgeous blanket.

    Have a great day,

  7. Its beeeeautiiful Pammy Sue..What a great gift.

  8. Very pretty!

    I did see Scarlett. I'm usually partial to little babies but lately I've seen some BIG babies that I've taken a shine to.


  9. My Sister Julie & I wish you were our Sister too. WE have no talent... Loving the Westminster! Riley's Breed (Bluetick Counhound) is recognized this year. I love these beautiful breeds but still love a Rescue Mutt more.

  10. I whimped-out on the last hour of the dog show. I just couldn't stay awake any longer so I had to hear the results on the news this morning. Not the same as watching it....

  11. Your blanket is so pretty. I love the colors you used. What a wonderful gift. :)

  12. We watched the Hounds the other night. Since we have dachshound's, the hounds are the only one's we're interested in. So many CUTIE dogs!!! Don't ya just love them?? I'm lusting for one of those bird houses too.

  13. What a beautiful blanket. The yarn is gorgeous. Nothing beats a granny square, eh? :-)


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