Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good God

I was going to save this for tomorrow, but I might as well go ahead and do it now.  Why not be a HAG all in one day and get it over with?

I just got totally grossed-out while looking around on Ravelry! I mean, bleh! I’m sorry, did I get vomit on you?

Anyway…someone posted a picture of their crocheted “yoga socks pattern,” which if you don’t know what those are, they don’t cover your heels or your toes. The problem was they were on her totally gross, dirty, red feet with corns and cuts and…GAH!

Is she blind along with having SKANK FEET? What in the hell was she thinking???

If you’re going to look, look at ALL of the pictures by clicking on them and seeing them in all their glory: HERE  (She even held them up and took a picture of the bottoms so we could get a GOOD LOOK!  OMG.)

WTF?!  People, I know some humans can’t help it that they don’t have gorgeous feet, but don’t be putting a big honking picture of your gross-ass feet ANYWHERE…EVER! Use a child’s feet or a manikin’s feet or your dog’s feet or SOMETHING.

Good God! What’s the matter with people? Jeez. Ugh!  I’m scarred forever.

And if whoever’s feet those are happens to come and read this, I’m sorry, but someone should have told you!  If anyone knows this person, go save her!


  1. are on a roll.
    Pammy Sue ...the human race is in decline...just sayin

  2. Thats just wrong! Whats worse is me signing up to Ravelry just so I can look. Then when I tried to close it I hit the zoom button instead & zoomed in on the photo of the bottom of the feet. gross...

  3. Shoot! I was all ready to get grossed out but that Revelry site wanted a username and password so I blew it off.
    Your post is hilarious! I hope you left that woman a comment about her awful feet. You'd be doing her a favor. Some people really are just clueless.
    Love the cartoons!

  4. I wish that I had not clicked on that link, I also wish that I had not eaten a very nice slice of banana bread before hand lol, what a sight, I could not look away......horrible just horrible.....nice yoga socks though :P

  5. Someone, needs a pedicure and bad.

    I'm going for a few THIN Mint, then I Skype-ya...if you are up to it. You are a wee little bite scarey today.....giggle-giggle

  6. And that my friend is why I don't exercise. Who wants feet like that? I just looked and you were off Skype. I also have a haircut, mani/pedi tomorrow. Yes, I'm getting the works. But, will check in.

  7. Pam, I might say something witty if I weren't laughing so hard! ROFL You go girl!

    Hugs XX

  8. Pammy, you cut me to the quick! I even had a pedicure before I took that pic of my feet!!! How could you say such a thing about my feet? Excuse me, I must go cry myself to sleep now.

  9. Haven't stopped laughing since I started reading your lastfew posts! You're my kind of gal. I look forward to calling in for a laugh in the future.

  10. Holy moly. Personally I can't see putting a pic of my feet on Ravelry if I can help it. And also, I may be dumb but I also can't see socks without at least the heels. The toes, maybe, but not the heels. Hmmmm that gives me an idea. xoxox

  11. GOODNESS! I was laughing until tears were rolling down my face Pam! People sometimes have no clue. It's what I don't like about summer: seeing people's un-cared for feet in sandals; just no excuse when we have more Asian owned nail salons than you can shake a stick at here. Have a fab weekend and don't get grossed out! RELAX, ok? Love ya!

  12. GAG! I'm going to print out the one of the bottom of her feet and put it on my fridge. Great diet aid, don't you think?

  13. LMAO!!!!!! No, ROTFLMAO!!


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