Tuesday, February 22, 2011




I was distracted yesterday from my cup cozy-making by anything and everything…



Like these…

They aren’t finished.  I may make another layer, and then I have to sew a button on.  I can’t tell you what they’re for.  The free pattern is HERE.



And this…

Yes, my kitchen rug is dirty and grassy.  Don’t judge me.  Fletch likes to roll in the dead grass and then once he’s got it all over him, come inside and shake and roll on the rugs.  I can only vacuum so many times before I give up.  He’s cute though, isn’t he?  I’m such a pushover when it comes to them!  That’s why they are brats.

We are planning a little trip sometime soon, and last night I was thinking about having to kennel them while we are gone and I cried.  I can’t stand the thought of that!  It makes my heart hurt.  This is why we rarely take trips.  (I had a dog that died when we left her in a kennel for a weekend trip.  It left a GIANT hole in my heart that is still there.)

Anyway…I had a lot of distractions yesterday and only got two cozies made.  I didn’t make any today either because my back has had me down all day.



I made a big bowl of our favorite ham & potato salad last night so I wouldn’t have to cook today.  We love having this with just pretzels and iced tea.  It’s potatoes, 5 boiled eggs, 5 green onions, one pound of ham, and mayo, with a little salt & pepper, and some paprika sprinkled on top.  Serve cold.  Easy and delish.

That’s all from me.

~ Love to you all ~

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  1. Hey PS - when I used to hate leaving my dog in the kennel, my cousin said, "just think of it as a slumber party with all of his doggie friends." I think if you can kennel them together, it's better on them. And even better, find someone to come over and watch them.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Excuse me... but what's this about the two of your leaving your house for a ittle vaca. You go girl. I can't wait to here where your travels will be taking you. I'm digging those flowers more and more. Dinner looks great, especially because it's already done.

    Off to hop around,

  3. I'm the same way you are. The idea of leaving the beasts behind breaks my heart. I found a place that's a doggie day care overnight place. It's like another poster said - more like a slumber party than a kennel. Still breaks my heart to leave them even for just a weekend. So, I end up taking them with me just about everywhere I go. If the place isn't doggie friendly, then I probably won't go. Much love to you and your brood. :-)

  4. First...YUM...that is very like my potato salad...Southern Style! Sorry your back is giving your fits. Geez....bummer!! Love the flowers. I am flower crazy! Love Suz's flowers, and am going to check out your pattern too. Grass on rugs...well, I have a Wheatie. Wheaties are like velcro when it comes to dragging any and every piece of the outdoors IN!!! Bother....whatcha gonna do?

  5. I know what you mean about leaving the little ones. My mil "babysits" dogs in her house and some even sleep with her. Maybe you can find a babysitter? DH is staying home when I go see my uncle in florida Sunday (he's been in and out of hospital 4x since last fall) and dh is staying home with the chis. He's worse about leaving them than I am and I won't let my mil watch them because, well it's between her and me why not and it doesn't have anything with how she treats the chis.

  6. Those little flower thingys would make cute book marks if the tails were longer. Can't wait to see what you really do with them.
    Yum! That dish looks so good. It's time for dinner here. I should get busy on that.
    If I lived near you, I'd puppy-dog sit for you! Where are you thinking of going?

  7. Hi! Thanks for adding the link.
    I hated the thought of kenneling too. Having our dog was harder work than having a toddler running around!

  8. I only have a cat no dogs but I couldn't stand to leave her in a cattery whilst We were on holiday. And as I frequently dog-sit my sisters dog I know she's the same too.
    Those flowers look lovely by the way and I clicked the link and wrote down the pattern so I can make some too.
    Em xxxx

  9. Pammy
    you know I reaaaaaally love your blog! So you have won the Stylish Blogger Award.
    Hope you enjoy it!

    Hugs and Kisses


  10. If I lived close enough you could bring all three over to stay with me and Leo. We'd all pile up on the bed. Leo would love the company. I hear ya on a kennel. I did that one time when PeeWee was a pup. He didn't eat or sleep the whole weekend we were gone. I will never leave Leo at one. So no vaca's for me without him. I can't imagine losing a baby at a kennel. I'd have to go to jail cuz I'd kill over that. Poor you, I know that was hard.

    It's hell getting old isn't it?? Our bodies just start to go down hill. I hope you feel better soon.

    That salad sounds so good! I love tater salad. :o)

    PS/I wouldn't judge ya, and I don't think anyone who has a baby would. If they do tell 'em to take a hike! :o)

  11. Surely there is a reputable pet sitter with references that could watch your babies for you? Heartbreaking about your pup that passed while being at a kennel. If your 3 could stay together, I think that would make a big difference on the "lonely factor" they must go through since they'd have each other.

    Ya know I'm lovin' those flowers you made. Such cute cozies, I want some!

  12. The salad looks yummy, and probably tasted better, too!
    so sorry to read about your dog in the kennel situation, it must have been terrible. One of my cats died yesterday, so I know what that "hole" feels like.


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