Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cute & Pretty

Snow Couple

The cuteness of this snow couple is almost too much!  I ordered them from Dawn’s etsy shop.  You can see more of these cuties on her blog HERE.  Get ready to smile if you do go look.  I believe she has listed another couple in her shop since I got these.  I have a snowman collection and these two little cuties will fit right in.



I made these two squares last night while watching TV.  They are much larger than they look in the picture.  Mine measure 10.5” x 10.5”, but the pattern says it’s a 12-inch square.  I used WW yarn and a size G hook.  You can find the free pattern HERE.  (There are two errors in it that I found.  If anyone is interested, you can ask and I’ll answer you in the comments section of this post.)

You can see a beautiful blanket made by Prairiemouse using this pattern on her blog HERE and/or on Ravelry HERE.  I wish she had given more information, like what kind of yarn she used and how she put her squares together.  I know she sewed them, but you can’t see it.  I’m wondering if she used clear thread or what.

I got up in the middle of the night last night with a horrible backache/butt ache/leg ache.  I just deleted a whole paragraph I wrote whining about it.  You’re welcome.

I went grocery shopping this morning and they were already putting the Easter candy out.  Yes, I bought some because I’m a sucker.  I got a bag of Robin Eggs (malted milk eggs) because that’s what The Captain likes.  I looked for marshmallow eggs for me, but they didn’t have any out yet, dammit.

See ya.


  1. Love the snowmen...and the grannys. I am partial to the robin eggs too, but I do enjoy a dark chocolate marsmallow egg...i also like the Peeps..bunnies

  2. What a darling couple. I did look at her shop and blog, I have to go back! Squares came out really pretty. If I try them I'll come back and get the corrections. Thanks for the offer.

  3. I like your new little couple. Do you have pictures up of your snowman collection? Would love to see it. I love love love the squares. I agree she does have some invisible joining going on there..very nice and nice colors. You think you will put it all together. Hope you leg, back and butt is better!

  4. WHat... I've been eyeing those two up for some time now. Oh, well, at least I know they ended up in a happy home.

    Sooooooo, you have found a circle pattern. I'm totally diggn' this one. 12x12 all the better. Your's are looking good. Are you going for a whole blankie.

    This schedule this week is killing me. Just how do you do it?

    Off to figure out what's for dinner? and Pick up some. I have posting stuff all over.


  5. The squares look great! Are you making a blanket? :)


  6. Oh no..your arm gets better, and now it is your butt!!! I don't what to tell you sista...go get a massage!!!
    Love the squares! Love GB's circles too, what to make some of those!!!
    Tell Cap, I love those too.

  7. Well those snowmen are so cute love the squares. I broke down walk by the peeps and box hopped right into my cart. We had such nice day dad and ran many errands today we got up to 68 degrees today. Hope your aches ease up for you I have those miserable days too not fun one bit. Take care my friend.

  8. Cute is the word :))
    Love the pattern of the squares, you crochet beautifully:))

  9. Malted milk eggs are my favorite. And dark chocolate covered Russel Stover eggs... I had a heart for valentines. YUM.

  10. My favorites are malted and marshmallow but they are a nono for me. :( Maybe by Easter I can allow myself to have a couple.
    I love the snowmen and adore the squares. TFS

  11. ahhh Easter candy!
    Forget about "real food" I could live off Easter candy. A month ago I found a hidden stash of the robin eggs and ate them all. They tasted fine...
    I had my first Cadbury Egg this week. Gosh I love them!

  12. Easter candy was in the shops in the uk just after Christmas!!!!

  13. So glad you like them!! They look right at home. I will be listing some more in my etsy shop this weekend!

  14. I just bought some leftover Valentine candy at Michael's yesterday....they had piles of candy in there for .50 a bag!!! The one thing I hate about these types of stores when buying yarn is how you really have to check the labels for the amts. cause it does seem like they ARE trying to "pull the wool over your eyes!" I love the circle squares and think they will be beautiful.

  15. That bio-freeze might work for the back/butt/leg. Doesn't it suck that we're getting older and our bodies are making us pay for it?? I was sitting there last night working on the Rising Sun and all of a sudden it felt like someone took a very hot poker to the bottom of my foot!!! It wouldn't stop. It was horrible. That's the third time I've had that pain and it's no fun. I think that's coming from my back......I don't know. :o(

    Love the snowy's! And I think I might try the pretty squares. You wouldn't need very many of those for a blankey huh? Hmmm....ok...gonna go look up the pattern. :o) xoxoxo Hope you feel better!!

  16. Hi Pammy Sue...Dr. Liz here. Sounds like sciatica to me. Are ya dinkin' the mag. drink? Also eat leafy greens (not head lettuce) salads and any green veg preferably raw, just dip in ranch dressing because vit-b's are the best thing for healing nerves. I know, it's cold out and eating cold food is not whatcha feel like eating but it's the best thing really. You can get vit-b complex tabs/caps to supplement with also.

    Love the robins egg malted milks, too and I always get the pastel kisses because they are so pretty to look at least until I eat them all.

    Your new snowmen are adorable. I speak for all of us when I say, we want to see your collection! Hope you feel better and enjoy NASCAR this wknd.

  17. Love your new squares, the pattern and the colours - off to get more details.
    What were the errors please?

  18. Corrections to Flower Burst Square:

    Row 3: The first part should read: Sl st into next ch-1 sp, Ch 3, dc in same sp. Ch 1, 2 dc, ch 1in each of the next 13 ch-1 sps. (the rest of the row is correct)

    Row 9: First sentence should read: Sl st in next 2 tr and into ch-3 sp. (the rest of the row is correct)

  19. I have just finished the square and it turned out 7" square.. I used 4mm hook, 8ply yarn..
    The next one I crochet I will make 2tr(dc) in the corners to make it sit square...
    Thanks for the link ..:))


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