Saturday, February 12, 2011


How's that for a weather forecast this week?  Should be nice after the last couple of weeks.  I've really enjoyed the cold weather though.

~The Spaghetti Pie was really good.  (Recipe in previous post.)  I'll definitely make it again.  I forgot to take a picture of it...sorry.

~We took my sister to the airport this morning.  That sure was a short week!  But I have a week of naps to catch up on.  Ha-ha.

~The first NASCAR race of the year is tonight.  Yipee! 

~I'm very close to finishing my latest blanket.  I haven't worked on it at all this week, but I hope to finish the last three squares tonight and start the edging tomorrow.


  1. Gee what temps to die for we finally got to the 40 degree temps here. I think next week we may even hit 50 degrees. Can't wait to see your next crochet creation. Well take care my friend.

  2. No offense... but that was really MEAN of you to post those temps while your Hoosier friends are freezing their arses off and still buried under 20 feet of snow!

    I have a great recipe for spagetti pie, one of my faves.

  3. Our weather is warming up too . . 30 degrees tomorrow . . but if the wind is like today it will be 30 with a wind chill of -30.

    I tell you, that wind coming over frozen Lake Erie sure picks up a chill . . goes right through to the bones.

    Enjoy your heat wave :0}

  4. And we thought we were lucky to be getting up into the 20s here.

    Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

  5. You and Kate are the fasted crocheters I have ever known!!!! Enjoy your nicer weather!

  6. Looks like a grand weather week for you.
    I have naps to catch up on too!! ha!
    I'm going to hang up my new pot holders tomorrow.

  7. They said we were to get warm(er) weather too and right now its snowing ... blahhhh! I've had enough! Looking forward to seeing our latest blanket.

  8. I agree with TH Pammy Sue! Although I did enjoy seeing the word that sounds so warm and comforting breeeeeezzyyyyyy....aaahhhh the 70's
    my favorite temps....we're supposed to reach 50 this week and I can't wait!

    Cindy Bee


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