Monday, January 31, 2011

Well, Hmm...

I just do not know what to do with myself since I can't crochet!  Help me.

I had work to do most of the day so that helped.  I think I've figured out that it wasn't the crocheting that caused my arm to flare was the typing.  Sometimes that happens if I do more than normal.  When I started typing this morning, it hurt worse than ever.  I couldn't even lift my coffee cup with my left arm without yowling.  I hadn't typed since last Wednesday, which is when it started Thursday morning.  I can't believe four days of not typing and not crocheting didn't make it better but seemingly worse!  Bleh.  Bitch & moan.

We are supposed to get the Arctic Storm From Hell tonight and tomorrow.  It's never as bad as they say it's going to be.  Hmpf.

And one more thing I need to bitch about before I go...

When is the Superbowl going to be OVER???  I swear, you'd think the teams arriving here in Dallas today was a national security issue and a terrorist attack was iminent or something.  They covered it LIVE most of the day here.  WTF?  They even had helicopters up in the air filming their busses going from the airport to their hotels.  Good grief.  How totally stupid!  It's a freakin' GAME, people!

I can't wait for them to leave.  Now THAT will be worth watching!  GET YOUR ASSES OUT!

Sorry, I'm yelling now.  I need a cocktail.


  1. You make me laugh and I will have a whiskey and cola in your honor (I don't do normal cocktails.)

    Somehow sports seem to be the be all and end all of some TV programmers . they need to get lives I mean, I like my Sunday afternoon football, and miss it when it's gone . . . but a whole week leading up to it is nuts!

  2. First off I am so happy that my hubby only watches soccer and then only when its the world cup
    second stay safe cause I know how it is down here in Houston area when bad weather threatens.. Peeps go nuts.. Store was packed this morning and all I needed was some german cold meat from will be interested what we will get too... Stay safe and warm...Hugs Birgit

  3. Oh Pammy Pammy Pammy! You so make me snicker. I absolutely love ya!

  4. Ha ha ha! You had me cracking up over the Super bowl thing. I know...they did the same thing when it was here. Crazy-assed media people. Big Daddy says it will be over on Sunday. We'll see....

  5. Have a cocktail!!! Sorry about the wrist pain!!! What a bummer!!! I have some bum knees that are really flaring up right now. The most painful thing is driving!!!! Egads...getting older, ain't it grand?

  6. Sorry you are having an ouchy time...

    we are hunkering down for the snowtoriousBIG storm as well... it's blizztastic! It's... well.. snOMG...!

  7. Hmmmm...well this is not good....the wrist issues...
    What will we do if you cant crochet?....crap.

  8. OMG... you are screaming so loud I need to find my ear plugs...he-he.... Stop we are suppose to be getting 24 inches. It started tonight, but the big stuff is not suppose to hit until around 3pm tomorrow. Then 3 inches per hours till Wednesday. That means I'm home and car-less. Scott has to take my car to get to work, as the Prius is like a Fred Flinestone mobile. So, let's Skype, that is if I still have power.

    Don't blame you about the whole SB thing. I too am ready for it all to be over.

    Ice, my friend, Ice.... I just put my pack away. Too much crocheting... or maybe it's that I want to get out of the digging out.

    Will check in tomorrow,

  9. Super Bowl, that's nothing. Here in Kentucky they're already getting started on Kentucky Derby talk. Soon we'll be seeing all the fashionable hats the well dressed ladies will be wearing at the derby. Blah, they all look like Queen Elizabeth--no offense Queenie!

  10. LOL. I was looking for the White Knuckles video so I could watch it before a bunch of people showed up for work (network slowdown). That's how I found Eli's pic and this post that I missed. Ok, now I'm going to watch White Knuckles.


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