Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Wow, look at all those comments!  You people are so sweet to say those nice things and support me like that.  I just wanted to pop in so you wouldn't think I'm not posting because of that bit of stupidity.  I just haven't done much of anything the last couple of days.  We got snow, which is unusual for us, and I've been staying in and enjoying looking at it out the window.  I haven't crocheted a thing.  I'm looking for something that interests me and I'm having no luck.

Thanks to each and every one of you for the comments!


  1. Thats the spirit Pammy-Sue, I've lost a couple of nice bloggy friends recently (as in they've stopped blogging not anything worse) and I'd hate to lose yet another!!
    I don't much like snow but its very pretty to look at, just far to cold to venture out in!!
    Em xxxxxxx

  2. Love you Pam!
    Post some pictures of your snow.
    Ive been having fun at my own little pity party over here. Currently very sugared up. Lying on the couch for hours. I actually just thought about one of my favorite stories I ever read from a blog. It happens to be one of your stories...
    The HILARIOUS house/Dog sitting for neighbor when you locked yourself out, and where in your jammies. So funny. I think I am gonna go searching through a bunch of new bloggers friends old stories that I may have missed. I cant find anything on the tube so I am gonna just read my favorite "book". LOVE YOU~

  3. Your lucky ...You get 28 comments on your comment sitchiation...I cant even get 4 on a fun topic....good job kid

  4. Hey girlie! LOL.

    I did post today. Blogger seems a little out of sorts today though. I get error messages when I try to add or manage the blogs I follow, or want to follow. And my stats are all out of whack. I remember, in the past you've had a few choice words about Blogger.

    See you,

  5. Yep still here :))
    Glad you are enjoying the snow, and relaxing a little..

  6. You're welcome! Enjoy your snow and enjoy the break from crocheting. You'll find sumpthin' when the time is right!

  7. Pretty quiet day here too. Snow coming tonight. Will check in tomorrow and see if you are up to anything yet.

  8. I so miss our large picture window that we had in Indiana . . I could sit anywhere in the room and watch the snow fall. We lived on top of a hill, in town, and I could watch the snow fall over the city . . so pretty, soft and fluffy :0}
    s there.

    I am glad you are enjoying it while it is there.

  9. I know how that is. I've been kind of that way myself lately. "At loose ends" -- which is a pretty good saying when it comes to yarn huh -- but think it's cuz I'm trying to finish up those languishing projects. I'm glad you're not going to let old Nasty Pants get to you. Some people just have to be mean. Can you imagine how miserable their lives are? To hell with them!!! ;-)


  10. Snow...nice!
    Our blogs are ours to do as we like. If someone doesn't care to read what you write, then, obviously, doh!, don't read it anymore. Simple as that.
    Take care. :)

  11. it something in our water do you think?? I'm feeling the exact same way. Blah-ey.

  12. What part of Texas are you in? My Mom is from Ft. Worth.


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