Friday, January 14, 2011

Primarily RED Granny


I spent my evening yesterday on YouTube watching Part 1 and 2 of THIS VIDEO to learn how to Join-As-You-Go with my granny squares.  Can you believe I’ve never done it and didn’t know how?  Well, now I do!  Isn’t YouTube wonderful?  I’m doing it slightly different than her because I have one chain between each of my granny groups and two in the corners, but other than that, it’s the same.  It’s definitely not faster than whip-stitching or crocheting them together, or maybe it will be once I get going?  I don’t know.  I’m glad I know how now.  I’ll make my decision as to whether I like it or not when the blanket is finished and I see how it looks.

I feel like I’m at the point of no return on crocheting this blanket, otherwise I would scrap it and make THIS ONE.  She’s a beauty, and I’ve fallen in love with her.  If I’m not too sick of squares by the time I’m finished with this one, I might just make it.  I might be really sick of RED by then though.  They really look completely different even though they both have a lot of RED.


The free pattern is called:

Primarily Country Afghan at (must register)

I’m using a size H crochet hook and H.L. ILT Y in


I’m changing the colors around because I wanted it predominantly RED, and I’m only making two different motifs.  I’ll also be making a different, more elaborate border, and I can’t wait!




  1. I never join my granny's this way thank you sharing the link I have to try this it looks simple enough to do. I had always sewn mine I will have to try this. Love your afghan colors too. Take care my friend.


  3. Very pretty, I've never tried the join-as-you go method. I usually slip stitch or whip stitch things together. The colors you chose look nice together. Thanks for the inspiration from your post last night with your fireplace and baking. I really enjoyed your post. Have a great weekend.

  4. Good post Pammy Sue...very informative... : )

  5. See you found something to do with your squares!

    Have a good weekend.


  6. I love join-as-you-go and use it for all my motif blankets. It gives me an idea of size as I go and I find it a lot easier than sewing them together later. Won't use anything else now :-)

  7. Before I finish reading I have to say this . . wthe next time you make Grannies, you will LOVE the fact that yyou can join them together as you go . . . it makes the afghan go together SO QUICKLY!

    Since I learned to do it I have yet to join Grannies any other way.

    The red you used makes the other colors look so good . . I'll bet this will end up being one of your favorite afghans.

  8. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet... I'm really liken' the looks of this one. Now, don't you quit....he-he... I would have thought that you had the whole join as you go done already. I've watched the vids, but still having trouble with it, must be a leftie thing for me, or I'm just dense.

    Off to get the nails done finally. Wow. Clean house and nails all in one day. Then home to take a tub with my new salts Kris recommended.

  9. I like this. I love red anyway, I'm sure there is way too much red in my house. LOL

    I can't get the hang of joining as you go. It just doesn't look right when I do it. I'm sure it's operator error, and I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, but I haven't yet.

    Have a great day!

  10. I also love the red in this one.. can't wait for a pic of the finished piece... I haven't tried granny's cause I am really bad at doing anything in a from South Texas...Birgit

  11. Hey....that is so pretty! I love red and yellow together!!!!! LOVE it! Keep going girl!

  12. Oh Pammy Sue: This afghan is so pretty..Thanks for the link..I also copied the other afghan pattern quite a while ago from the sunroom. She has a great picture of a purple and yellow afghan..I just adore that one..Keep up the good work, thanks for sharing.

  13. I love the colors, especially the red. I always use the join as you go too. I hate sewing squares together.
    Enjoy your weekend, I am hoping to get some hooking time in too.

  14. Thanks for this link Pammy and for sharing your pics. I think the red goes great witht hose colors. I may have to put that on the list of 10001 things to crochet. I need to watch that video as I hate joining squares otherwise. Thanks for showing me!


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