Monday, January 03, 2011

Plenty of Grannies

I have plenty of grannies to make that blanket!  There are four each of that top bunch, which is what I will use, and I'll still have 57 squares left over.  I'll have to play with them and figure out what colors I will use to make the joining round (I want RED!) and the lins of trim around each group.  Obviously, mine will look different because the squares are different, but I still think I'll be happy with it.  It sure beats crocheting 100 more squares and still having these sitting in a closet!

Oh my.  This should keep me busy for days!  I'm off to go make a group and see how it looks.


  1. The traditional granny is one of the best patterns out there. This is going to be really pretty!

  2. Wow - lots of grannies there to make a blanket! It's going to look good!

  3. I you got some beautiful granny squares there. Can't wait to see you finish this afghan. I did not notice the doggy feet until I had already left a comment. Your fur babies are always checking out what mom is doing she gets running around maybe she get some snacks too, they don't want to miss anything. They are just like kids. Take care my friend.

  4. What a pretty blanket! I'm sure you'll make one very similar, and just as pretty!
    (I noticed the dog feet..hee hee) :D

  5. Hey! That's pretty cool that you already have all those granny squares made.

    I didn't notice the dog feet so I went back and looked at your post again. How could I have missed that? I guess I had all of my attention on that gorgeous mandala you made.

  6. Just where and when did yo find or do these. Now, you are way ahead on getting that blanket done.

    Still not up to par, but much better today.

  7. Dear Pammy Sue,

    your Granny´s are very beautiful!
    Can´t wait to see your finish blanket...

    Send you many Greetings,


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