Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mindless Post

I still have nothing for you so here’s a mindless post about nothing.   Why bother, you ask?  Because it might open the floodgates of my mind and then you’d be in for a REAL TREAT!  Ha-ha.


Can you see the icicles  hanging from the eaves outside?   I thought this was a neat picture.  It looks neater in real life.  Really.  I’m grasping at straws here, people!  Enjoy it, dammit!



I have a teapot lamp obsession.

Didn’t know that, did ya?

I found this one at a little antique mall.  (But is that a coffee pot instead of a teapot?  I don’t know.)  I hate that shade that came on it!  It was someone’s attempt at “shabby chic.”  More like “shabby shit.”  Hee-hee!  Hey, I may have invented a new decorating style…shabby shit will be all the rage!  I usually keep the shade turned around so you can’t see those dried flowers, but I wanted you to see it in all its glory.


Here is another itty-bitty one.  This is the first one I got several years ago from my bestie, B.P., for Christmas.  This is the one that started it all.  It sits on top of my refrigerator.

Teapot lamps are hard to find (around here anyway).  I recently found two small ones on ebay and bought them both.  I gave one to my mom and the other one is for my sister.  (Surprise, Patsy!  You’ll see it when you’re here in February.)


That’s all folks.  I gots work to do.

See ya.


  1. I like that, shabby shit? yay, I can see it catching on. I do believe that is a coffee pot not tea pot Dearie... Can you remove the ugly part of the lampshade? Or I guess just turn it around :)
    Yes the icicles are pretty. I am thinking about getting off my butt and taking some pictures of our winter wonderland too. But I am a slug today...
    love to you♥

  2. I have to tell you, I am not one for cutesy lamps, BUT... I love your buffet/sideboard they're sitting on!

    Renee :)

  3. Now that you mention it... I've been checking around my house. Nope, only one lamp in my front room and all the other rooms have overhead lighting. My son has 3 lamps in his bedroom, but there is no overhead light in his room. I never said I was one for ambiance!


  4. Okay, ambiance vs ambience. I had to look it up. They are the same thing but I think I like the second spelling better.

    I'll go away now.

  5. Oh, Pammy Sue, I laughed when I got to your "shabby shit" comment because I was thinking it was an ugly lampshade too but I don't like to say anything negative when commenting (in case you loved it). I think something crocheted draped on it would be better. I bet you could whip up something attractive. I like the tea/coffee lamps. My silver needs to be polished...ugh.

  6. Interesting concept that teapot lamp is....

    Btw, this email I got from you today about the chunky SS yarn... I'M IN.

  7. Definitely a coffee pot, but I'm no expert. I have never seen anything like it before, and I too love the furniture its on

  8. Brr weather outside, but looks so warm inside.. Unusual lamp, love the funiture..
    Thought you said it was a mindless post ? LOL Never..... have a great day..

  9. That was interesting. I didn't even know that teapot lamps existed...very nice!

  10. Same here never have I seen a teapot or coffeepot lamp but it is shabby shique?? is that the way to spell it..lol... love how the whole room looks warm and cozy though,.,
    Hugs from a 26* South Texas,,,, Birgit

  11. How exciting! I've always wanted a teapot lamp. I think our sister found hers at Hobby Lobby. Yours are really cute. I don't think I ever noticed the one on top of your fridge.

    Yes, that tall one is a coffee pot, but it's still pretty and who's to say you couldn't put tea in it?


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