Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mess-Maker Strikes Again




I knocked a whole bottle of Soy Sauce on my ceramic tiled floors INSIDE the pantry.  If you are wondering if soy sauce will stain your grout, the answer is …


I called my mother so she could talk me off the ledge.  Mothers are good for that kind of thing.  She told me to pour hydrogen peroxide on the grout (after I mop the mess up) and maybe that will take it all up off of the grout.  I’ve finished cleaning up all the glass and mopping up  (with plain hot water, with hot soapy water, and with plain hot water again) and now the peroxide is soaking in the grout.  I’ll be surprised if it works.  It looks pretty bad.

What a freakin’ mess!  And it stinks in here!  Barf!

I’m taking a nap and I might not get up until it’s Tuesday.


  1. Oh Pammy Sue what a freakin' mess! I'd go to bed too!!! So... I came home from being gone for 20 minutes one day last week, which wasn't a great week for me anyway, and one of my dogs got on the table and knocked over a quart sized ball jar full of flowers, that I bought to try to cheer myself up. Of course, my table was full of 'stuff' that shouldn't have been there. So everything got wet. I had to mop the floor. And I had other stuff that I needed to be doing. I was having a crap week, didn't bother to take a picture for my blog, and threw most of the stuff on the table away. So, I kinda know how you feel. Go to bed...get up tomorrow!

    Cindy Bee

    PS - Love the doily - love it.

  2. E-GADS...... Hang in there. Still cringing and the hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up.

  3. Oh no... I hate when that happens. Sure hope you can get your grout clean. I have tile floors in my kitchen and they are a pain in the a*# to keep clean.

  4. Sounds like your kitchen staff was goofing off !

  5. Yuck! I have a brick floor in my kitchen, with wide grout. I have dropped a bottle of Kahlua, a bottle of black strap molasses, and syrup. All three were NOT fun!!!! I feel your pain!!!

  6. Eww... you have a mess maker in your house too? :-)


  7. that stinks... :(

  8. Haha, You really are a messy girl aren't you! ;-)

  9. Oh Pammy, As my sister, The Queen, will confirm....I am a life long Klutz. Breakage and messes follow me like the paparazzi follows the QOW. Anyway, sorry about your mess..ick. We clumsies are a lovable sort tho...right?

  10. Anonymous6:13 AM

    you won't notice the stain grout after 5 years.....I promise. BP

  11. Oops! I have to admit that I made the same mess last year, and I hate it! Hope your floor was already given a good clean :). Just let you know, I love your doily, it's great!

    You are one of the three people who first comment on my PIF post, so I will send you a pressie!
    Please drop me an email to tell me your full name and mailing address! Thanks for participating!

  12. Pammy,

    Peroxide will get almost anything out or oxiclean. If nothing else try Mean Green- it is great for just about anything.

    Then go buy yourself some yarn after cleaning up the mess!!

  13. Holy crap! Try vinegar to get the stain out. I've heard it works on some grout stains. Stinks to high heaven too but maybe not as bad as soy sauce. Good luck!

    Your spill buddy ~

  14. The Peroxide should work..That is a bummer..I wish I could stay in bed till Tuesday! LOL At least crochet while your in bed..

  15. I haven't read all the comments so, excuse me if I repeat something. If the hydrogen peroxide does not work, use a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid called Muriatic Acid. I used to work in the swimming pool business and this takes rust and red-clay stains (and most anything else) out of cement pools and should work just fine on grout. Just be careful of getting it on your floor tiles. I would suggest using a couple of Q-tips or something similar. After cleaning up, go back over with a solution of baking soda water to neutralize any of the lingering acid. Richard in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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