Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Granny & A Man


I made this granny mandala last night because I was bored bored BORED.  And then I wondered…
Why do I not have the patience to make an afghan of squares?  Why?  I crochet nearly every single day, but I can’t keep myself interested enough to make a granny square blanket.  I want to make one with the main color as red, but I crochet 4-6 squares and then I’m bored stiff!  I did make a brown granny square blanket made up of 99 squares a loooong time ago, but it took me a couple of years to get it done because I’d set it aside for months on end without doing anything to it.  Hmpf.  I guess when I want one bad enough, I’ll just do it.


Oops!  Where did that come from?  Lord he’s handsome.  Look at that curly hair and that mustache.  He makes me weak in the knees.  Ah-hem.  That’s an old picture, but still.  Oh, my.  It’s getting hot in here.

Moving on…

I still have a brain tumor ear infection that started in mid-August and won’t go away.  I don’t feel bad, but I can’t bend over or look up and to the right without the room spinning.  I had an appointment with my ENT last Thursday, but true to form, I cancelled it that day and didn’t go.  I’m so bad about that.  I’ve already had two rounds of antibiotics so I’m not sure what he would do for me anyway.  He’d probably suggest I get tubes put in my ears like a 6 year old.  What a pain in the ass.


Seriously?  Who keeps doing that?  Somebody’s whoremones hormones must be acting up today.  But as long as it’s there, look at those curls!  I’d better go.

Daddy, I hope you’re not reading this!  Hee-hee!


  1. Seriously, do you think he is good looking?
    your hormones need glasses!

  2. I'm worried about that lingering ear infection. Things like that can "spread" so get that appointment rescheduled soon!

    The new mandala is pretty! There are certain things I don't like to do in glass. Maybe it's the same way with crochet. Maybe Granny Squares afghans are not your specialty.

  3. you can make a blanket...You must do it.
    Hey...Why the pics of the Country Star?
    I like to start a blanket. It is fun at first, and then I give up for awhile, because it gets boring.
    Why are you afraid to go to the doctor?....Is it because of fear or indifference ??? Inquiring minds want to know......

  4. What COOL colors. I made a pillow with that pattern. I want to make more. I am a George Strait kinda girl. Now he sends me in a sweat. Oh I used to live in south texas and beforge Look i can't even type right just thinkin about george) George was famous my friends and I used to see him alot. Such a hunk he is.

  5. I know what you mean about making granny square ghans. I'm making one now out of squares that my mil found at a thrift store. Not all the squares were made so I'm making up more of them. My problem comes when it's time to sew them together. I LOATHE sewing squares together and weaving in ends!

  6. Hi Pammy Sue - I love the granny mandela. Those colors are really pretty together. And in my best Arnold Schwarzanegger accent - "It's not a tumor". :)

    P.S. Love, love, love Alan Jackson - he's one of my boyfriends.

  7. My my a tempting treat great eye cany there gal I can see why your heart flutters. Love your mandala it is beautiful I love the colors you used. Friend you make my day it is like a shot of sunshine and a shot of fresh air at the same time. Well friend keep up the good work. Take care.

  8. Yes that is one more fine speciman of a man! And Sherryknits I am with you too, love me some King George!
    The mandala is beautiful. Love the colors, reminds me of the ocean. Hope you go get the ear checked out soon.

  9. My BESTEST FRIEND in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD had a "whoremonal" thing for Alan Jackson too.

    She still does, but one day she was looking through her family photo album and ran across a pix of her son when his hair was shaggy . . .his curls and mustache, though brown, made him an Alan Jackson double.

    She was wondering if it was incestuous . . .then thought, what the hell! ROFLMAO @ her crushes.

    Nice Granny "man"dala . .. is it named Alan?

  10. Hey Pam..I also love him!!! I am a huge country music fan, and he has been a favorite forever. He is finally starting to show his age a little, but still very hunky!!!

  11. gosh you really crack me up...thank you♥

  12. Hi Pam...

    Yes, he IS gorgeous! I love curly haired blonds :):)

    On that ear infection....have you tried peroxide? Seriously, google it. I use it on my kids the minute they say "mommy, my ear hurts". Ususally once or twice kicks it for good. My kids have never had Doctor drugs for ear infections. I use it myself just to clean the ears once or twice a year. I use it straight, or you can mix a drop of warm water with it. Just pour a few drops on your ear (Lay on the bed) and it will fizzle and pop like soda. Just lay there until most of the bubbling stops, then drain it out. Do it twice a day till better. It WORKS!

  13. Don't you just love vertigo? NOT! Hope you stop spinning around.

  14. LMAO - I love reading your blog. You never fail to put a smile on my face. And Holy Cow...Alan's looking mighty fine in those pics.

    The doc doesn't charge you for a non show or for cancelling the same day? Mine does. I had my MRI for my back yesterday...waiting on those results. ugh......


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