Friday, January 07, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Queue Clint Eastwood flute music…

As requested, here are more pictures of the “Artsy (Fartsy) Afghans” book.  There are only four patterns in it.  Here are the other three:






That’s the GOOD.

Now to the BAD & UGLY…



UGH!  Look away!


This is the square I made where I was trying to figure out the edging on my own.  And I used the ugliest colors imaginable.  I have since ripped that edging out.  I’ve decided I’m using black and white for the edging instead of black and red.

I spent a few hours sewing squares together and crocheting the edging using the book last night, only to rip it all out before I went to bed in disgust.  It’s not working out right.  I have no idea what I did wrong, but it was bad, bad, bad.  I’ll try again today.  (In case you are curious, the first three rounds of the edging are all sc around.  Then the last three rows are a combination of FPDCs and SCs.  It’s the placement of the “FPDC two rows below” that doesn’t look correct.)

In the meantime, here are three squares I have put together but have not done the edging on.


Bad Lighting/Bad Picture


Another problem:  I had the three squares put together with slip stitches as called for in the pattern, but I ripped that out too because crocheting them together with SCs looks much better in my opinion.

So now you know why it’s taking me forever and a day to get this thing going!  I’ve spent hours crocheting and frogging.  Bleh.  It is not fun to crochet when you let it get to you.  It’s time to frog and go to bed when that happens, and that’s exactly what I did.

Here’s to starting anew!


I’m not ready yet.

I’m all pissed off again just looking at those pictures.

“Make my day, punk!”

I’ll frog you back to a yarn ball!

(I know, wrong movie but still Clint E.)



  1. That is really a lovely book!!!!! Getting envious!!!!
    Just keep on trying. You are soooooo good at this..... Really, you are my inspiration!!!!!
    Pammy Sue, make my day and finish it!!!!

  2. LOL...I can always count on a laugh from you Pam. It isn't ugly. You are a nut!

  3. You go girl give it to them double barrels. Oh you just make my day I look forward something humerous coming from you. I just love how that edging makes the squares stand out. Take care my friend will be watching you here.

  4. Ok, will I have to be honest. Not loven' the Red and Black. Can't quite put my finger on it yet. I like the other three. Keep going you will get it right as always. Maybe, it's the RED and Black, instead of WHITE and Black.

    I just don't know. Soooo, maybe it that you were up way too late last night working on this. I think a nap is in order.

  5. Your gonna get it. Took me forever with squares. I love the second one from the book. I would like to do one of those in a dark teal and brown. I may just have to find me a copy of that book.

  6. Hey Pam, You'll figure it out and then it will all be worth it. I like the 3 squares you've done so far. Keep at it but do take breaks from it like ya do and I love the, " I'll frog you back to a yarn ball" hilarious!

  7. Dearest Pammy Sue, I am only telling you this cause I am fond of you....I am NOT in love with the colors...I know you wont get mad at me for saying it ....teehee
    I say stop this project immediately.....Move to the next...
    Love QOW

  8. You are such a crack up! If you're not feeling it, definitely leave it and come back to it when you've got your mojo.

  9. I love the second aphgan in the pictures (the green and brown). Very pretty. I may have to try that one myself....Good luck with yours!

  10. I like the roundy one. That looks easy enough for me.

    Do you know how many things I have started since I came home from FL and NOTHING is feeling right? I'm really frustrated with my hooking. I wanted to get a jump on next Christmas and I guess that's my problem. ugh.......

    And are the best wifey! I meant to leave you a comment on the other post. That looked sooo good. Unfortunately I have put myself on a no/low carb diet. I HAVE to lose some of this fat. I can't stand it!!


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